OWSD PhD Fellowships 2019 for Ladies Scientist from Science and Development Lagging Countries


Due Date: May 30,2019

Applications are invited for the OWSD PhD Fellowships 2019 for Ladies Scientist The fundamental function of the fellowship program is to contribute to the intro of a new generation of girls leaders in science and development, and to promote their effective participation in the scientific and technological development of their countries.
The specific goals of the fellowship program are:.

To improve access to educational and training possibilities in science and development for young and experienced girls surfaces from STLCs.
To increase the scientific efficiency and creativity of girls scientists in STLCs.
To empower a new generation of experienced girls to presume a management function in science and development.
To encourage girls scientists to contribute to the sustainable development of their home countries.
To make it possible for girls scientist from the South to collaborate and network on a regional and around the world level.

Fellowship Support.
Potential customers can choose in between 2 research study strategies:.

A full-time fellowship (optimal 4 years funding), where the research study is performed totally at a host institute in another developing country in the South.
A sandwich fellowship, where the possibility requires to be a registered PhD student in her home country and performs part of her research study studies at a host institute in another developing country. The sandwich fellowship is given for a minimum of 1 and an optimum of 3 research study check outs at the host institute. The minimum duration of the really initially go to is 6 months. The total range of months invested at the host institute can not exceed 20 months. The funding period can not exceed 4 years. OWSD specifically inspires potential customers to consider the sandwich option, which allows them to make the PhD in their home country while accessing skilled researchers and gadgets abroad, at the host institute.

The OWSD fellowship covers:.

A month-to-month allowance to cover basic living expenses such as accommodations and meals while in the host country.
A special allowance to go to around the world conferences throughout the period of the fellowship.
A return ticket from your home country to the host institute for the concurred research study period.
Visa expenses.
Annual medical insurance protection contribution.
The possibility to go to regional science interactions workshops, on a competitive basis.
Research research study charges (including tuition and registration charges) in agreement with the selected host institute which is similarly expected to contribute.


The minimum qualifications is an MSc degree in amongst the kept in mind research study fields noted below.
Certified scientific fields.
Agricultural Sciences.
Astronomy, Location and Earth Sciences.
Biological Systems and Organisms.
Chemical Sciences.
Computing and Infotech.
Engineering Sciences.
Mathematical Sciences.
Medical and Health Sciences.
Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology.

Potential customers need to verify that they indicate to return to their home country as rapidly as possible after conclusion of the fellowship. The list of certified countries is used here.

Certified host institutes.

Host institutes need to be discovered in a developing country in the South( not the possibility’s home country).
A list of recommended institutes is used here.

Other institutes, not included in the link above, will similarly be thought of if they reveal appropriate resources and efficiency.
Potential customers should acknowledge a host institute outside their home country. They can acknowledge an extra 2 host institutes if desired.
Potential customers who are presently on site in the host country will not generally be thought of certified.

The following files are required for overall application:.

PhD research study proposal introduction.
Degree certificates and records.
Rà © sumà ©.
Preliminary approval letter.
Letter of commitment.
Recommendation letters.
Registration and No objection certificate.
Supporting statement from home supervisor.

The online application system will simply accept applications overall in all parts, including the required files. All files need to be released through the online application system. Do not email any file to OWSD unless requested for.
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For extra details, go to OWSD PhD Fellowships.