Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe: From town young boy to Silicon Valley tech genius


Henry Ojelu.

Prof Ekekwe is an unusual Nigerian tech genius with lots of unbelievable world class creations to his cat. Amongst his many creations is the intrusive medical robotic, a system which was gotten by United States govt. He likewise led the group that developed generation accelerometer, a significant element of iPhone. In this interview, he shares his trajectory from a regional town young boy to a master in Silicon Valley.

Ndubuisi Ekekwe.

How was maturing like for you?

I matured in Ovim in Isuikwuato LGA of Abia State. I went to Ovim Neighborhood School and Secondary Innovation School Ovim. I resided in the town up until the day I left for my undergraduate education in Federal University of Innovation Owerri. As a kid, I was informed that the only method to end up being like legends in my neighborhood was education. I invested all to end up being the very best I might end up being academically. It was a terrific neighborhood that made things really simple for the kids and women. I was shaped living in a location where I might see guvs, teachers, and justices in the town square talking about with senior citizens, and at the end sign up with the entourages to play and consume in their houses. Those experiences stabilized my viewpoints such that by the time I concerned the city, absolutely nothing was brand-new since all the crucial individuals originated from my town.

What youth experience formed who you have ended up being today?

Among the finest minutes I had as a teenager was the day my WASC outcome came out. I set an all-time scholastic record in school history which stays till today. That made me popular in my town as lots of huge individuals welcomed me, congratulating me with presents. Particularly, Genuine Admiral Ndubuisi Ekekwe (rtd), a previous guv of Imo and Lagos states, and Major General Ike Nwachukwu (rtd), a previous guv of Imo State, provided me handshakes. Physicians and engineers from cities concerned our town home to praise me. I checked out a surrounding secondary school (Ovim Ladies), and trainees saw me, came out and started singing my name. Through that experience, I rapidly understood that if you master education, huge guys would shake your hands and bring you more detailed. That has actually been a minute that specifies how I see being the very best in anything I pursue.

What was the motivation behind your option of occupation?

Throughout my Integrated Science class in secondary school, I rapidly gotten in touch with electrical energy the very first time they presented it. I felt comfortable with the constructs of electrons. Then the instructor began pointing out things electrical energy might be used in. When I heard robotic, I ended up being a follower that it was going to be electrical engineering. His description of robotic was essential as I had actually operated in the farms with my granny and felt that innovation might have helped her in farms. She strove however I never ever felt the yield was rewarding her efforts. Today, robotic is an enthusiasm. I focused on medical robotics throughout my PhD in the Johns Hopkins University, U.S.A.. I own a U.S. patent in robotics which the U.S. federal government got assignee rights in2017

What does your business actually do and what turning points has it attained up until now?

I manage a digital holding business that owns residential or commercial properties in farming, health care and other domains. Zenvus is a smart service for farms which utilizes exclusive electronic sensing units to gather soil information like wetness, nutrients, pH, and so on. It then sends out the information to a cloud server through GSM, satellite or Wifi. Algorithms in the server examine the information and recommendations farmers on farming procedures. As the crops grow, the system releases unique cams to develop crop vegetative health index for detection of dry spell tension, insect and illness. Our system has the ability to inform a farmer what, how, and when to farm. It has built-in GPS, compass and XL making it possible to map farm borders which might be beneficial throughout loan and insurance coverage applications. Medcera makes software application that assistance physicians, nurses, laboratories, imaging centers, insurance coverage, clients and other gamers in the health care sector to run flawlessly. If you check out a center in Medcera network, in Lagos, and after that take a trip to Kano and the center utilizes our service, the Kano center will access your medical records real-time. Our inspiration is that no client ought to be dealt with without access to his/her medical records. We are the very first business worldwide that made access to medical record agnostic of area and health center chain.

What were a few of the difficulties you dealt with as a business owner and how did you conquer them?

My greatest obstacle has actually been losing employee after training them. It produces a lot of threats in business. However one needs to appreciate that individuals have rights to work any place they wish to work. Yet, it hurts to train and establish and after that lose. I have actually lost my employee to huge multinationals. We are handling the threats in lots of methods however it makes development crawl given that connection management is misshaped.

What would you state was the most crucial secret to your success?

The essential part of my success is concentrating on doing things very few individuals do. In our farming service, we are the just one because area today in Nigeria. In the health care domain, we make the service mostly complimentary since we have actually developed actually fantastic AI systems that make it possible for worth development. Distinction is a crucial element in our technique.

Who is your coach and why and What function has mentorship played in your success?

In service, Tony Elumelu has actually been very practical. He is somebody I can send out an e-mail and within hours he will react. His instructions have actually conserved me loan and assisted me in generating income particularly on comprehending market pulses. Getting insights from somebody who has actually done it and continues to do it is crucial. My senior sibling, Engr. Dr. Okey Ekekwe, has actually constantly motivated since he has actually understood how to alter the objective posts to guarantee I attain more. Several years back, I informed him that since the principal might not enable me to do more than 9 topics in the Nigeria’s SSCE course, he went and purchased GCE form and asked me to compose GCE to show that I had actually mastered the topics. And when I did and got differences while in SS1 in Economics, Federal government, etc, he reacted “simple topics– everybody gets differences in them”. Rapidly, can you provide in More Mathematics, Location and others? That was the mentorship, driving me to do more.

Your assisting concepts?

I matured in the Bible Union which shapes whatever in my life. For me, a life without worths is lifeless. I place on that effort and quality. I have an astounding optimism about life that it is difficult to lose hope in anything. That frame of mind offers me the energy to carry out since I am so positive that tomorrow will be much better than today.

What do you believe Nigerian business owners are refraining from doing well and how can they enhance?

We have the aspirations with unchecked persistence and energy. Yet, we require to raise our abilities to repair market frictions, not simply at the downstream of the sectors however at the upstream where more effects can be made. The reality is this: unless we can repair frictions which are catalytic, we will not free many individuals from hardship in this country. Yes, apps can assist us understand where the town streams are. However structure boreholes might include more worth gradually. I provide Nigerian business owners credits since they are progressing, cutting off the sound. The business owners will raise Nigeria since countries alter just when business increase.

Your recommendations for upcoming business owners intending to succeed like you?

With humbleness, everybody is trying to find success. It is a continuum. I am still on it. However mostly, I will inform them to resolve issues very few individuals can resolve which issue should have big market chance. To put it simply, if you win, the size will be big for you. Getting to that level needs they should invest to build up abilities which can come through lots of channels.

In your viewpoint, what is federal government presently refraining from doing well in regard to motivating enterpreneurs?

Federal government is not motivating business owners in Nigeria. However federal government is motivating small company owners. There is a big distinction in between a business owner and a small company owner. Business owners develop scalable organisations unlike small company owners which stay at the exact same level for several years. My hope is that federal government comprehends that these 2 accomplices have various requirements. We require to supply oil to fantastic business in Nigeria like Kobo360, Zido, Conserve n’ Flex, Touch and Pay, FarmHire and others




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