Ready Your Skills for a Cloud-First World With Google

Ready Your Skills for a Cloud-First World With Google

Cloud computing professionals are sought after by recruiters and hiring managers. There are currently thousands of open jobs for cloud architects, data engineers, and cloud application developers.  

We’re excited to share that the full Google Cloud suite of learning programs is now on Coursera! Learners can enroll in Google Cloud courses and Specializations to access top-quality cloud training. All courses include free hands-on labs to give you practical experience that helps you excel in your career.

Choose one of the Google Cloud learning tracks to learn the skills you need:

1. Become a Machine Learning Data Scientist

This your chance to learn how to build machine learning models that give any organization a competitive edge. By 2020, Artificial Intelligence will create 2.3 million jobs — and destroy 1.8 million others. Jobs of the future will require highly technical skills, such as the ability to derive data insights using machine learning.

Get career-ready with the Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform Specialization. Learn to explain why machine learning is important and discover how to build real-world machine learning models from in-depth projects.

2. Become a Cloud Architect

Cloud computing is poised to become the most disruptive force in the tech industry — more than $1 trillion in IT spending will be affected by the shift to the cloud.

The Architecting with Google Cloud Platform Specialization is designed for IT professionals who implement, deploy, migrate, and maintain applications in the cloud. Combine your real world experience with this Specialization to sharpen your skills for the Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Architect exam.

In Getting Started with Kubernetes Engine, you’ll learn to containerize workloads using Docker and scale these workloads to handle increased traffic. Discover how you can use cloud native and open source systems such as Kubernetes to enable companies to move even faster.

3. Become a Data Engineer

According to a study from Forrester, Data Engineering is a crucial new field that bridges gaps between data, insight, and action. Launch your Data Engineering career by learning how to help organizations manage massive datasets and overcome data disconnects.

Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform is designed for data professionals who are responsible for designing, building, analyzing, and optimizing big data solutions. Combine your real world experience with this Specialization to prepare for the Google Cloud Certified – Professional Data Engineer exam.

4. Become a Data Expert

From Data to Insights with Google Cloud Platform is a four-course accelerated Specialization that teaches you how to derive insights through data analysis and visualization. The courses feature interactive scenarios where you’ll explore, mine, load, visualize, and extract insights from diverse BigQuery datasets.

5. Become an Application Developer

Job market demand for app developers is growing at a rapid pace. Developers with cloud skills will become ever more sought-after as the cloud speeds up the app development cycle and reduces time spent on tooling and standing up infrastructure.

WIth the Developing Applications with Google Cloud Platform Specialization, you’ll learn how to develop and deploy applications that seamlessly integrate components from the Google Cloud ecosystem.

Learn more about the full suite Google Cloud learning programs on Coursera and enroll today.


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