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THE World University Rankings analysis reveals significant enhancement for Asian universities at the cost of stagnancy or decrease in The United States and Canada, Europe and Oceania, while Latin American and African universities are still having a hard time to make an influence on the rankings.
South Africa leads the continent on efficiency, with 9 universities in the rankings, led by the University of Cape Town at joint 156 th, followed by the University of the Witwatersrand, ranked in the 201-250 band, and Stellenbosch University in the 301-350 band.
However Egypt has more than two times as numerous universities ranked, with 19 consisted of in the table, led by the American University in Cairo, 2 brand-new entrants Benha University and Beni-Suef University, and Kafrelsheikh University and Mansoura University, which were all in the 601-800 band.
Algeria had 6 in the rankings however none in the top800 Morocco had 4 and Nigeria and Tunisia had 3 each, while Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda had simply one ranked organization each.
With 103 universities represented– up from 89 in 2015– Japan protects its biggest existence ever and the biggest for an Asian nation. The country goes beyond the UK as the 2nd most-represented nation in the listing for the very first time and declares the second-most enhanced representation in this year’s table.
After years of decrease and stagnancy, Japan has actually accomplished some strong development. The nation’s 2 leading organizations both increase. The University of Tokyo climbs up 4 locations to 42 nd this year– going beyond Canada’s prominent McGill University, Germany’s Technical University of Munich and the Hong Kong University of Science and Innovation.
The University of Tokyo’s increase is mostly due to enhancements to its mentor, research study and market earnings ratings. The organization makes the worldwide top 20 for its mentor environment this year, in 16 th, and it protects 19 th position worldwide for the research study pillar.
On The Other Hand, Kyoto University leaps 9 locations to 65 th, mostly due to enhancements to its mentor, citation effect (research study impact) and market earnings ratings, and it ranks in the top 40 (at 37) worldwide for its market earnings.
Teikyo University ends up being Japan’s greatest brand-new entrant, making its launching in the listing in the worldwide top 500 (in the 401-500 banding), with an especially strong citation effect (research study impact) rating.
Mainland China is the 4th most-represented country worldwide– with 72 universities consisted of, up from63 It keeps 7 organizations in the elite top 200, and sees a number of strong entertainers this year.
Its standout entertainer is Tsinghua University, supplanting Peking University as the nation’s top-ranked organization, at 22 nd, China’s greatest ranking considering that2011 Peking University fell 4 locations to 31 st. Tsinghua– the greatest riser in the worldwide top 30– likewise surpasses the London School of Economics and Government and New York City University this year, and declares worldwide 6th position for research study (volume, earnings and track record)– above Princeton University, Yale and the Massachusetts Institute of Innovation (MIT) in the United States.
Its increase is driven mostly by enhancements to its mentor environment, while Peking’s decrease is mostly down to increasing competitors and a decrease in research study earnings.
China’s highest-ranked brand-new entrant, Shenzhen’s Southern University of Science and Innovation– just developed in 2011– makes an outstanding launching in the listing’s worldwide top 350, with an especially strong citation effect (research study impact) rating.
On The Other Hand Zhejiang University’s huge climb of 76 puts to 101 st this year was because of enhancements throughout its mentor and finding out environment, in addition to research study and market earnings, research study volume and percentage of worldwide trainees. Nankai University is another novice entrant, going into high in the 351– 400 band, driven by a strong research study impact rating.
It was a strong year for Hong Kong as 4 of its 6 agents increase in the conclusive worldwide listing, in spite of increased competitors. 4 of Hong Kong’s 6 agents rise the table, with 2 in the top 50, and 5 making the top 200 for a 3rd successive year, in spite of increased worldwide competitors.
Hong Kong’s top-ranked organization is the University of Hong Kong, which climbs up 4 locations to 36 th, with substantial enhancements to its mentor environment rating. The Hong Kong University of Science and Innovation keeps 2nd position however slips 2 locations to 46 th, mostly due to the boost in nationwide and local competitors, as its total rating partially enhances.
Hong Kong carries out well in the worldwide outlook pillar, which is based upon the percentages of worldwide personnel and trainees, with 2 organizations in the top10
Phil Baty, editorial director of the THE rankings, stated Hong Kong’s strong worldwide focus “just serves to enhance its worldwide standing ” however cautioned that in the face of increasing worldwide competitors the area’s universities “would be well recommended to invest more in growing their market links and research study capability “.
Taiwan has 32 organizations consisted of in this year’s worldwide listing, up from 31, however sees the bulk stay fixed or decrease; Malaysia has 11, up from 9; Thailand has 14, up from 10; and Indonesia has 5, up from 4.
India is the most-represented nation in the table when countries with agents in the top 200 are left out.
The nation is led once again by the Indian Institute of Science, which keeps its position in the 251-300 band. However in an outstanding launching entry, the Indian Institute of Innovation Indore ends up being India’s 2nd highest-ranked university– and an international top 400 organization– with its greatest scoring for research study volume and research study effect. It surpasses the Indian Institute of Innovation Bombay, which slips from the 351-400 to 401-500 banding.
Nevertheless, while some organizations make gains this year, most of India’s universities stay fixed or decrease, having a hard time in the middle of increased worldwide competitors.
Baty stated India is rupturing with development and aspiration however is resisting increased worldwide competitors, specifically from East Asia.
“Continual financial investment, an ongoing drive to draw in leading worldwide skill, and a strengthened worldwide outlook will be crucial to improving its worldwide track record and research study impact. Its present college reforms might be crucial to assisting organizations development, ” he stated.
Singapore’s National University of Singapore dropped one location to 23 rd, one listed below Tsinghua University, and Nanyang Technological University increased one location to 51 st.
Although Oxford and Cambridge universities top the worldwide table once again, and the UK had 98 organizations in the ranking, up from 93, the UK slipped to 3rd most-represented country after being surpassed by Japan. Most of the UK’s formerly ranked organizations– 77 of them– stay fixed or decrease.
Nevertheless, the UK does stay the 2nd most-represented nation in the worldwide top 200, after the United States, however 21 of 29 of its top 200 organizations stayed fixed or decreased and 2 slipped from the top 200 totally.
For France, Paris Sciences et Lettres– PSL research study University Paris, the 2010 merger of 18 research study organizations, is the very first organization to make it into the top 50 considering that2011 France’s second-best ranking was accomplished by Sorbonne University, which was just released this year from the merger of Pierre and Marie Curie University and Paris-Sorbonne University. At 73 rd location, it is this year’s greatest ranked newbie.
Germany stays the 3rd most represented nation in the top 200 with 23 universities; and had 47 in the total ranking, led by LMU Munich at 32 nd.
The Netherlands has a brand-new primary organization. Delft University of Innovation increases 5 locations, thanks to enhanced mentor and citation effect (research study impact). It goes beyond the University of Amsterdam, which slips 3 areas to 62 nd, however the majority of the nation’s 13 ranked organizations dropped locations this year.
Italy had a great year with its 3 leading universities all increasing and Spain increased the variety of its ranked organizations from 29 to 38, led by Pompeu Fabra University, which leapt 5 positions to 135 th.
For Switzerland, while there was dissatisfaction that ETH Zurich slipped out of the top 10 to 11 th, the University of Zurich leapt an outstanding 46 puts to 90 th. The nation keeps 10 universities in the listing, and 7 in the top 200, and is the most-represented nation in the top 10 of the worldwide outlook pillar, with 3 organizations consisted of.
The Republic of Ireland preserves 9 universities in the ranking however its leading entertainer, Trinity College Dublin, dropped 3 locations to 120 th, due to a dip in its mentor rating.
Latin America.
Latin America increases its existence in the table, however nations are having a hard time to advance in the middle of financial and political turbulence and increased worldwide competitors.
Brazil declares its greatest existence ever, in spite of growing worldwide competitors– with 36 universities represented this year, up from 32– led by the University of São Paulo, which holds its position in the 251-300 band and partially enhances in the locations of mentor environment, citation effect (research study impact) and worldwide outlook– although its research study rating decreases somewhat.
However while Brazil enhances its total representation in the list, each of its formerly ranked organizations decrease or stay fixed. The total photo is bleak, Baty states, with 7 universities falling out of the leading 1,000 this year.
“You merely can not support first-rate research study organizations with financing cuts– and the major financial issues dealt with by Brazil do not bode well for the future. Decreasing financing and drops in the rankings can sustain a vicious cycle of additional decrease– with skill draining pipes from the nation. Brazil should discover a method to obtain crucial resources into its universities– whether public or personal– to revitalise the system and stem the decrease, ” Baty states.
Mexico has 17 organizations in the ranking, up from 11; Chile has 16, up from 13; Colombia has 7, up from 5 in 2015; Argentina has 5, up from one in 2015; Peru has 2, up from one; Costa Rica still has one; Venezuela has 2, below 3; and the University of the West Indies ends up being Jamaica’s very first entrant.
Baty states Mexico, in spite of its excellent proving, deals with major obstacles, consisting of a drain of skill, minimal public financing and just a modest worldwide outlook. He likewise thinks Chile has a long method to precede it can challenge the conventional worldwide elite in college and research study.
“That will need guaranteeing universities gain from continual financial investment– a difficulty as concerns continue around the financing of university education and the relocate to eliminate tuition costs for more trainees– and a dedication to internationalisation. The development of a brand-new ministry of science might truly assist get financial investment into university research study and assistance putting Chilean universities on the worldwide map. “.
Middle East and North Africa.
The leading 3 organizations in the Middle East and North African or MENA area in this year’s listing are Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), King Abdulaziz University (Saudi Arabia) and Tel Aviv University (Israel), all in the 201-250 band; followed by Alfaisal University (Saudi Arabia), Khalifa University (UAE) and Technion Israel Institute of Innovation (Israel), all in the 301-350 band.
Iran is the best-represented nation in MENA, with 29 universities consisted of, up considerably from 18 in 2015. Its lead organization, the Babol Noshirvani University of Innovation, slips from the top 350, to the top 400 this year. Nevertheless, it collectively tops the worldwide table for its citations effect (research study impact). While the university is not an international leading research study organization, it has actually produced a number of extremely mentioned, impactful documents this year.
Iraq is represented for very first time in the table’s 15- year history. Its University of Baghdad ends up being an international top 1,000 organization, ranked in the 801 -1,000 band, with its greatest locations being citation effect (research study impact) and worldwide research study partnership.
Saudi Arabia has 6 universities included this year, up from 5. King Abdulaziz University preserves its position in the top 250, however with extremely strong ratings for citation effect (research study impact) and worldwide outlook, and, with an enhanced research study (volume) rating, might quickly climb up into the elite worldwide top 200, THE states. On The Other Hand, Alfaisal University has actually climbed up 3 bands into the worldwide top 350, with a significant enhancement to its citation effect rating.
Qatar University– Qatar’s sole organization in the ranking– holds its position in the worldwide top 500– however comes joint top of the worldwide table for its worldwide outlook (with City University of Hong Kong).
Baty states it will need “magnified focus and financial investment in research study abilities and a drive to hire and maintain leading skill ” for MENA to take on the unrelenting climb of East Asia.
The United States and Canada.
The United States stays the most-represented country in the table, with 172 organizations, up from157 However most of its universities– 130 of them– decrease or stay fixed in the ranking.
While the United States continues to control the top 200, with 60 universities consisted of, this is below 62 in 2015, and majority (32) decrease, while 10 maintain their previous position and 18 enhance.
The leading entertainer is Stanford University in 3rd location, however the California Institute of Innovation (Caltech)– in 2015’s joint 3rd location holder, and which led the ranking in between 2012 and 2016– loses additional ground this year, dropping 2 locations to 5th.
Caltech does nevertheless preceded in the table’s mentor pillar (the knowing environment), followed by Stanford. And Yale University climbs up 4 locations to 8th– its greatest rank under the present approach (considering that 2011) and the biggest increase in the top20 It got greater ratings for institutional, research study and market earnings, research study volume and worldwide personnel this year.
Harvard University comes worldwide 3rd for research study (volume, earnings and track record) behind the UK’s University of Oxford, which tops this pillar, and Cambridge.
On the other hand, the University of California, Berkeley climbs up 3 locations to 15 th, with enhancements to its research study and market earnings ratings. The University of Texas at Austin likewise has a strong year, rising 10 puts to sign up with the top 40 at 39 th, due to substantial boosts in its institutional earnings and research study volume.
Ellie Bothwell, editor of worldwide rankings at THE, stated the United States’s position might be referred to as “stagnant, or in modest steady decrease ” and the mix of financing cuts, tighter migration policies and installing worldwide competitors might see that position wear down even more.
It’s a combined photo for Canada. The nation has 27 organizations represented in the 2019 table, up from 26, led once again by the University of Toronto, which increases one location to 21 st. However the majority of the nation’s universities– 77% of those ranked in both 2018 and 2019– decrease or remain steady compared to in 2015.
The University of Montreal functions in the top 100 for the very first time considering that 2013– increasing 18 positions to joint 90 th, and 3 Canadian organizations sign up with the top 200 this year: the University of Ottawa jumps to joint 176 th; Western University increases to joint 190 th and the University of Calgary to joint 199 th.
Bothwell stated: “Canada has a special chance in the college landscape. As the United States– and the UK– end up being more inward-looking, and Australia deals with a stall in trainee visa applications from its biggest worldwide trainee market China, Canada is ending up being far more available to the world.
“Federal government initiatives to increase the variety of abroad trainees studying in the nation and supply extra assistance to such trainees are most likely to additional enhance its already-strong college sector. Nevertheless, Saudi Arabia’s current elimination of its trainees from the nation reveals even Canada is not unsusceptible to political obstacles. “.
There are indications of stagnancy in Australia, with numerous universities losing ground and track record, confronted with financing cuts and magnified worldwide competitors.
It continued to have 35 organizations in the rankings, and 9 in the top 200, led by the University of Melbourne which stayed at joint 32 nd, however 6 dropped locations.
Australian National University slips one position to 49 th. However the University of Sydney increases 2 locations to joint 59 th, and the University of Innovation, Sydney, goes into the top 200 at 196 th, with enhancements to its research study effect.
However a number of other organizations decrease this year, consisting of the University of Western Australia, down 23 puts to 134 th, with somewhat lower citation effect (research study impact) and research study (volume, earnings and track record) ratings. The University of New South Wales keeps its position in the top 100, however was down 11 puts to joint 96 th, due to increased competitors and a dip in its research study rating.
Bothwell stated: “While there are some examples of development from Australia this year, the nationwide photo is a cause for issue, with numerous universities decreasing or staying stagnant. The nation boasts some first-rate organizations– and tremendous capacity for higher success on the worldwide phase. However you cannot sustain first-rate universities and research study centers with financing cuts.
“To stand out, universities require strong financial investment and they have to have the ability to draw in and maintain the absolute best worldwide skill and research study cooperations. As financing cuts take hold and pressure installs to top worldwide trainee numbers– integrated with magnifying competitors from Asia– Australia’s universities might well deal with a difficult task in the coming years. “.
New Zealand had actually blended fortunes. It keeps 8 organizations, however its flagship University of Auckland leaves of the worldwide top 200– with decreases in its mentor and market earnings ratings. It is the very first time the organization has actually run out the top 200 in the history of the rankings. The organization sits this year in the 201-250 banding, together with the University of Otago.
The Auckland University of Innovation (AUT), nevertheless, this year leapt 2 bands into the worldwide top 350, with a substantial enhancement in its citation effect (research study impact) rating. It sits together with the University of Canterbury, which enhanced by one band. However these are the only 2 organizations in New Zealand to acquire locations this year.
Bothwell stated AUT’s quick increase has actually been remarkable however the more comprehensive photo of the majority of New Zealand’s universities decreasing or staying stagnant and its flagship leaving of the top 200 comes in the middle of a financing freeze and magnified worldwide competitors.
“It shows a pattern this year amongst countries sharing comparable obstacles– consisting of Australia, the United States and parts of Europe– and it reveals there is definitely no space for complacency or isolationism. To stem any decrease and definitely to advance, New Zealand’s universities will need continual strong financial investment and the capability to draw in and maintain the absolute best worldwide skill, research study cooperations and worldwide trainees, ” Bothwell stated.
Russia increases its existence in this year’s listing– with 35 agents, up from27
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia’s flagship university, keeps its leading area however only simply holds on to the worldwide top 200– dropping 5 locations to joint 199 th due to falls in its mentor and research study track record and worldwide research study partnership.
The Moscow Institute of Physics and Innovation keeps its position in the worldwide top 300– and as the country’s 2nd leading organization.
The Greater School of Economics signs up with the 301-350 band, up from 351-400 Its mentor track record, research study volume, citation effect and market earnings all enhance this year, while the organization has actually likewise brought in more worldwide trainees and personnel.
The National Research Study Nuclear University MEPhI likewise increases– from the 401-500 band to the 351-400 band, with enhancements to its mentor, research study and worldwide outlook ratings.
RUDN University ends up being Russia’s greatest riser for 2019– climbing up into the 601-800 band, having actually left of the leading 1,000 in 2015. The organization’s advance is due mostly to enhancements in its mentor environment, citation effect (research study impact) and worldwide outlook ratings.
In spite of the favorable efficiency in general, Baty stated the enthusiastic objective of the Job 5-100, to raise 5 organizations into the top 100 by 2020, stays a difficult difficulty, especially in the face of “progressively extreme worldwide competitors– and particularly from Asia “.
However he stated a number of organizations have actually started enhancing their worldwide collaborations, which together with substantial financial investment is crucial to advance.
“International cooperations enhance track record and research study impact– to advance, that’s where the attention has to be, ” he stated.

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