Representative tries to utilize housemaids to rob staff members


By Olasunkanmi Akoni.

Operatives of the Lagos State Rapid Reaction Team, RRS, a system of the Lagos State Cops Command, have actually detained a 37- year-old housemaid representative, Francis Okputu, for trying to rob among his clients of $15 dollars, jewellery worth N450,000 and other belongings.


Okputu was declared to specialise in helping individuals to get housemaids with the intention of utilizing them to rob their companies’ loan, jewellery and other belongings.

The suspect, who declared to be a previous dry-cleaner, had actually been utilizing his impact to bring task applicants to Lagos. His partner likewise assists him bring individuals from her house town to operate in Lagos as housemaids.

The suspect admitted that his modus operandi is to assist the task applicants get tasks and gather half of their wage for the very first month as a commission cost.

In his confessional declaration, Francis stated he gets tasks for about 15 domestic employees every year, however started to alter his methods after his monetary problems increased.

His words: “I have actually been assisting Lagosians get home aid and everyone in my area understands that is what I do. They likewise make suggestions and connect me with their loved ones, who require my service.

” At some point in May, a good friend directed one Pleasure Onoz to me to assist her get a housemaid task, which I did and all was great till the next month when she started to inform me that her girlfriend does not like her and she will like me to do something about it.

” When I was familiar with that Pleasure’s madam is rich, I called Pleasure and cautioned her not to speak English any longer and to take her madam’s loan, jewellery and likewise assist me get her image.

” The gold jewellery, I informed Pleasure, would be changed with copper and I will take the image to a prophetess, who will assist him bewitch and make her not to question any of the woman’s deeds after taking her things.”.

Housemaid’s confession.

Pleasure, in her confession to policemen about her representative’s transfer to loot her company, rapidly informed her madam of Francis’ strategies and they played in addition to his plan.

The girlfriend offered Pleasure some hard cashes and jewellery and her image and informed her to get in touch with Francis.

Francis, unconsciously, advised Pleasure to fulfill him at Iyana-Ipaja to handover her loots to him which he would organize how to get the replicas to her.

Officers, who had actually been called by the company, swung into action and laid an ambush for Francis at the agreed place where he was detained after getting the loots.

After his arrest, the decoy group of RRS checked out some housemaid that Francis had actually set up in various parts of the state to question them and likewise encouraged them to stay away from any strategy that contrasts law.

The Cops likewise checked out the stated prophetess, who was to assist Francis hypnotise Pleasure’s girlfriend.

She revealed that the last time she saw him remained in February 2018, when he came for prayer and asked her to assist hypnotise a lady who utilized among his customers, however that she declined his need and sent him out of her church since she does not delight in such practice as a servant of God.

Recuperated from Francis at Iyana-Ipaja, the point of exchange of the taken products, were $15 dollars, sets of gold jewellery worth N450,000 and a photo.