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NDLEA Recruitment Application 2019 Starts.
The National Drug Police (NDLEA) welcomes applications from appropriately certified prospects to fill the following uninhabited positions in the company. The National Drug Police (NDLEA) is a Federal company in Nigeria charged with getting rid of the growing, processing, production, selling, exporting, and trafficking of controlled substances.

NDLEA Available Positions:.
( A) Narcotic Officer Cadre– Prospect looking for Narcotic Officer Cadre will be of age not less than Twenty 2 (22) years and not more than Thirty (30) years.– Prospect looking for Narcotic Officer Cadre should have a minimum of very first degree or Greater National Diploma (HND) from an organization of greater Knowing acknowledged by the Federal Ministry of Education– The Prospect using as Legal representative and Medical professional should in addition to the very first degree have Expert Certificate in the pertinent field.
( B) Narcotic Assistant (Nass) Cadre– Prospects looking for recruitment into the service for the rank of Narcotic Assistant (NASS) will be of age not less than Eighteen (18) years and not more than Thirty (30) years of age.– Prospects looking for the rank of Narcotic Assistant (NASS) should have finished Secondary School.
A prospect looking for recruitment into the Firm should meet the list below conditions:.

All candidates should fill out the application offered on the site, upload passport and print out the application slip which would be utilized throughout the procedure of the recruitment.
Prospects will be literate and should have such academic certifications as defined listed below for the position.
Shortlisted prospects should be accredited physically and psychologically suitable for recruitment by a medical officer from a Federal government Healthcare facility prior to last choice.
All potential prospects should be people with great character and should not have actually been founded guilty of any criminal offense conserve roadway traffic offense.
All potential prospects should be devoid of any type of monetary insolvency or personal bankruptcy.
Prospects will be needed to download 2 (2) referee forms to be filled by 2 (2) individuals of credible standing in the society.

How To Request NDLEA Recruitment 2019:.

Interested prospects must register and use on (You should be registered to use).
Effective prospects will be needed to fill more vetting types.
All effective prospects will go through random illegal substance abuse test throughout their service in the Firm.
Just shortlisted candidates will be welcomed for more assessment and interview.

Due date for submission of finished application is Thursday, August 29,2019
Best of luck To You all … CampusPortalNG Group.