Robert F. Kennedy Person Being Rights Civic Location Suits Surgical Treatment 2019 (Fully-funded)


Due Date: March 17,2019

The Pan-African Lawyer Union (PALU) and Robert F. Kennedy Person being Rights are needing applications from legal agents and civil society business based in East Africa to participate in an upcoming suits surgical treatment on the defense of civic location The suits surgical treatment will be kept in Arusha, Tanzania in between May 1-2,2019 All prospects are required to send out a present or potential case consisting of the defense of civic location for discussion and workshopping.
Objectives of the suits surgical treatment are:.

To identify high-impact cases to send out prior to the African human rights system (i.e. the African Commission on Human Being and Peoples’ Rights, African Court on Human Being and Peoples’ Rights, and East African Court of Justice) to handle essential areas in the defense of civic location.
To in total self-confidence workshop cases among people and with well-informed litigants in the African and Inter-American Person Being Rights Systems, getting feedback and cross-regional suggestions on suits and advocacy techniques.
To identify resources, cooperations, and constant help needed to help in the filing of cases and accompanying advocacy techniques.

Robert F. Kennedy Person being Rights will cover the expenditures of flight, visas, transportation, accommodations, and an economical day-to-day for expenses not otherwise covered for as much as 8 selected people.

The suits surgical treatment is open to legal agents and civil society representatives from East Africa, with a revealed commitment to handling threats to civic location in their home country through regional human rights suits.
The people require to be connected with, or thinking of, prosecuting a case or cases that handle the suppression of civic location consisting of an offense of the rights to versatilities of expression, assembly, and/or association. With their application, they require to send out a case that they are prosecuting or strategy to prosecute prior to an African human rights body that may be spoken about and workshopped throughout the suits surgical treatment.
The following non-exhaustive list of designs are a guide for the sort of cases that may be sent out with the application:.

Suppression of peaceful presentations e.g. through severe use of force versus protesters; criminalization of protestors and organizers; legal structures that either prevent, limitation and/or chill presentation;(**************)

Challenging regulative constraints on civil society business e.g. limitations on access to foreign funding and foreign cooperations; barriers in registering or protecting registration;(**************)

Suppression of the media and access to information e.g. abuse of criminal disparagement laws; restricted access to the web and socials media; abuse of cyber-crimes laws; other offenses that produce a chilling influence on the media, resident journalism, or access to information;(**************)

Abuse of laws or policies in the context of countering terrorism e.g. abuse of broad counter-terrorism laws to criminalize and/or chill authentic activities of civic stars;(**************)

Impunity for threats, violence, and approximate detention versus human rights protectors, activists, press reporters, and other civic stars.

While all civic location cases will be considered, they encourage cases that go over an intersectionality of issues and/or address untried or developing areas of regional human rights jurisprudence, including:.
Cases that highlight the function of global corporations and the suppression of civic location;(**************)
Cases that link the suppression of civic location to monetary, social, and cultural rights, including in particular environmental rights;(**************)
Cases that demonstrate how the suppression of civic location distinctly affects women, sexual minorities, people with specials requirements, or refugees and internally displaced people;(**************)
Cases that handle the link in between the suppression of civic location and corruption.

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To get more information, see Civic Location Suits Surgical Treatment.


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