Roomie Drama Sufficient for Truth TELEVISION (And an Authorities Report)


Everybody has an insane story about their cousin’s buddy’s bro’s college roomie. The story actually made your jaw drop when you initially heard it. Stolen things, keyed cars and trucks, the entire experience.

However less roomie scary stories sound even worse than my own.

Everything began when I moved to the University of Georgia. I didn’t understand lots of people, so when I saw a mutual friend required a 3rd roomie, I chose to deal with her.

Miranda had actually currently signed a lease with a random woman she discovered on the UGA Facebook page, however she ensured me that she was cool and it would all exercise.

For the very first couple of months, whatever appeared terrific. Miranda, Victoria and I hung out together, and went to pool celebrations and bars together. The living scenario felt comfy and friendly.

Around October, things altered. Miranda and I began observing that a few of our food would go missing out on, or that whole bottles of alcohol were empty and returned in the kitchen. Simply little things, however the 3 people discussed it and it was over.

Other things started to bug me in your home, however I attempted to let it roll off my back. I had 2 tasks and absolutely no animals, yet I kept up late cleansing up after Victoria’s pets. She likewise hardly ever brought her secret with her. If she got back to a locked door, she climbed up in the front window, letting the whole questionable area understand that our home was simple to burglarize.

For Christmas break, I purchased a mix lock for the lock outside my bed room door so that I might protect my space when I delegated my home town. I returned couple of weeks later on to discover things from my space went missing out on. I brought it as much as her. She called me insane. I presumed I was simply paranoid and let it go. The stress cooled off after a couple of weeks and very little else occurred.

Quick forward to May. I delegated study abroad for about 3 weeks. When I went back to your home, Victoria’s good friend Ashlee had actually generally relocated. There were at least 7 pets in your home. The sofa that I added to the living-room looked destroyed. Plants were growing in my shower like some type of greenhouse. There were drugs all over the location. Random individuals were crashing in Miranda’s space while she was away. More things were missing out on from my locked bed room. Once again however, I type of let it go. I didn’t wish to stir the pot since I required a location to live for the summertime so I might keep my tasks.

The next week was my 21 st birthday and Victoria was heading out of town. I had some good friends over, among which Victoria was not a fan, prior to heading out to commemorate. We published snapchats and insta-stories. It was all really stereotyped “21”.

Here’s where the genuine drama begins.

Victoria returned from her journey and implicated me of letting “her opponents in her home while she was gone.” Her good friend Ashlee– you understand, the good friend living at my home totally free while Miranda and I paid lease– implicated me of attempting to eliminate her pets since I moved the plants that they were growing in my shower to the living-room. The whole scenario was disorderly, and I was quite sure it was drug-induced.

After asking Victoria for the important things she ‘d taken out of my locked space and notifying her that she was breaking and getting in, she left and knocked the door, obstructed my number and all my social networks this advertisement.

I strolled to the living-room and asked an inebriated Ashlee if she might persuade Victoria to come house and simply offer me back the things she took. This, I think, was a catalytic demand. Ashlee leapt up off the sofa and cornered me versus the back entrance. (A crucial information here: I’m 4’11 so I was not ready to try to combat back versus any sort of drug-induced rage.).

She notified me that Victoria just “obtained,” my things. As she’s obstructing me in a corner, shouting in my confront with her under-aged alcohol breath, she informed me how insane and remarkable I was. At this moment, I was over it. “You can take yourself, your 7 pets and your drugs, and leave my home, or I will call the cops,” I stated.

She believed for a minute. “Amusing that you believe you’ll get that far when I have a weapon upstairs,” she threatened. With that, she pressed past me, flung open the door and stormed down the stairs.

I stood there for a minute, dumb-founded. Then the anger hit. I called my father, shaking with anger as I strolled to my cars and truck. Though I didn’t understand where I was addressing 11 p.m., I understood I wasn’t going to sit there and wait on her to come back and threaten me more.

I informed my father I wished to go to the police headquarters and submit an event report. As much as I dislike to confess, I really felt scared. In some sort of endorphin rush, I emailed Victoria and informed her that I was going to the polices about Ashlee’s weapon risk however would leave her name out of it if she simply returned my things.

My father talked me out of going, stating it was simply woman drama, so I went to sleep at a pal’s. I forgot everything about the e-mail when I sneaked in your home the next early morning to shower. When I completed my shower, I heard Victoria stomping down the stairs. She banged on the door, shouting about how Ashlee didn’t threaten me. I unlocked. “You weren’t even here, how would you understand?”.

The backdoor flies open: Ashlee. She begins shouting about how she never ever threatened me and how there was no weapon. Then they both stomped upstairs. I was not ready to wait on these ladies to come pull back with a weapon. I got my bag and went out the door.

As I get in my cars and truck, I get a text from Victoria. “We’re calling that polices and informing them you took our weapon.” WHAT? First I got threatened with it, then it didn’t exist, then I took it?

I call my father once again, on the brink of a small psychological break down. I upgraded him and heard my mama in the background asking if I was on a truth TELEVISION program. These ladies were seriously attempting to get me in legal problem after taking from me for months and threatening me. With that, I drove to the police headquarters.

I strolled in– damp shower hair, bleach stained tee shirt and all– and informed some great big police male my story. He was surprised. He informed me he I had the ability to push felony charges.

I felt that was a little high. Yes, I was mad and truthfully scared, however I simply desired her out of my home for the summertime, not behind bars. I chose versus pushing charges and attempted to apply for a limiting order of sorts. The judge who heard my demand stated it seemed like “when his roomie from law school consumed all his orange juice” which the procedure for a limiting order was unworthy the problem.

So, with that, my father and my good friend Max moved all my furnishings out of my home the next day. My supervisor moved me to a place near my moms and dads’ home. The insane woman who threatened me got to live lease complimentary in my home all summertime since the property owner would not maintain his end of the lease.

The whole scenario was shocking and aggravating, however I discovered some crucial lessons: 1) select your fights, your roomies and your property owners carefully and 2) never ever rely on a mix lock– they are obviously simple to break.


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