Sacrilegious Terms: What Not to State to a PSU Alumnus


Dear Old State, we raise our hats to thee. Our bodies come complete of spirit and enjoyable and great times. Alumni of PSU are some the very best individuals to spend time even if they bleed a lot PSU pride. However specific phrases surround PSU that individuals must never ever state to an alumnus of the school. Due to the fact that if you do, then the jaws of the lion will come down on you and bite your head straight off.

Let’s countdown to the # 1 insult any PSU alumni would dislike to hear.

10 “These Gamers Draw! The Coaches Required to Teach Them Better!”.

commons.wikimedia.orgGranted we have actually had our problems with our group in the past, however do not ever entirely blame the misgivings of a group on simply the gamers. These men take place to be the exact same gamers as they have actually remained in other video games where they have actually been definitely wonderful. If anything, half of the errors that establish in a college football video game originated from bad training, okay playing. So do your research study prior to stating dumb things like that.

9. “I Love Pitt!”.

There’s a lasting competition in between PSU and Pitt. The video games were a substantial thing back in the 80 s when both groups would being in high locations in the top25 Nowadays, the video game isn’t as high-stacked any longer, however the enthusiasm has actually still been extremely real. You state this to a PSU alumnus, all of you will get chewed on.

8. “Do You Own a White T-shirt?”.

commons.wikimedia.orgMan, have you ever been to among our whiteouts? Certainly never ever. We own a minimum of 4 white t-shirts. Get with the image.

7. “Damn, that fourth and fifth Call, huh?”.

Stop talking. Please. We do not require to relive that day. Please.

6. “Coach Franklin is an Excellent Employer, Not an Excellent Coach.”.

As somebody who has actually been here for 3 years and has actually seen each and every single football video game that has actually been fantastic and awful, you truly can’t make that call. Yes, there have actually been some incredibly bad contact the last number of years, however do not put all that on the head coach. Lots of coaches comprise the entire PSU football group, and they all make dumb choices in some cases. They have had their great days and bad days. We simply require to be client and hope they make much better choices in the future. Ideally.

5. “Go Blue!”.

From one fan-base to another, please do not push your school spirit in our faces due to the fact that you won the most current video game. Our 2 groups can play as competitors and, and not ache winners to the loser’s months after the video game even occurred. We have actually had our spotlight however we have actually proceeded. I understand you can too.

4. “Why Aren’t There Names on the Jersey’s?”.

wikipedia.orgBlack shoes, fundamental blues, no names, all video game. This returns to the Joe Paterno Age of Penn State football. Our company believe that having those names on the jerseys does not matter. The gamers participate in PSU to play the video game of football and reveal our pride. We do not require the private fame. Let those jerseys stay anonymous. We enjoy our football all the exact same. Do not request the names ever.

3. “I Have Had Better Ice Cream than Berkey.”.

Then why concerned this incredible location?? Go to your expected ‘much better’ ice cream location. Absolutely nothing can ever beat Death by Chocolate and Peachy Paterno while seeing a football video game in the fall.

2. “JoPa was a Phony” and Anything About Sandusky.

flickr.comEight years have actually passed. I comprehend that what occurred was bad, and a long-term mark sits right on PSU’s history, however Penn State provides a lot more than what we remained in the past. Yes, whatever that originated from this fiasco was awful, today a totally various school and school beings in Delighted Valley. And I’m so happy to be a part of it. I wish to share it more with individuals however if you raise the scandal, it’ll do you no great than the stink eye. Absolutely nothing will alter no matter how typically you bring it up. Simply let the scenario this advertisement.

1. “Those Buckeyes are Incredible!” or Anything Ohio State.

commons.wikimedia.orgI seem like this competition has actually just gotten more heated the previous year, however nevertheless, this makes every Penn Stater wish to offer you a death glare for days. We truly do not like the color red or a particular nut. The annual match brings PSU fans our greatest video game, our greatest competitor, so please, for the sake of our peace of mind, simply leave the group out of your vocabulary and we will not yell “we are” in your face too, cool? Cool.


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