Sanwo-Olu in Balogun Market, reveals Lagos Island regrowth strategy


Lagos State Guv, Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Wednesday required to Balogun Market where fire took down structures, real estate, and numerous stores, with multi-million naira residential or commercial properties ruined.

The guv stated his administration would start the Lagos Island regrowth strategy next year which households who owned residential or commercial properties should work together with the federal government.

Sanwo-Olu, who was distressed by the fire break out, stated the lessons discovered was that “we ought to stop keeping generator and nonrenewable fuel sources on penthouses and roofs.”.

He applauded all emergency situation responders, stating they reacted promptly to the fire that broke out 24 hours back.

The guv, after thanking individuals for their assistance, likewise obtained their support, advising home and shopkeeper to pave the way to responders to do their work.

Even more, the Guv mentioned that complete stability tests would be performed on structures on the left and ideal sides of number 43, Martins Street that got burnt on Tuesday.

” Prepare for the regrowth of Lagos Island are currently improved which application will begin next year. Households that own residential or commercial properties on the Island should be prepared to support the federal government’s efforts on regrowth.

” Federal government will quickly begin a discussion on how to begin and continue. Lagos Island is controlled by structures of over a century. Those deteriorated by aging will be taken down throughout the regrowth,” he stated.

He stated the federal government would begin the building of Oluwole stage II quickly which the federal government would construct a modern-day market to make sure that commerce started at an even greater scale with a much better arranged and contemporary method of negotiating organisations.