Sense about Science Ask For Evidence Ambassador Program 2019 in the UK


Due Date: March 22,2019

Do you want to hold the efficient to account? Do you value using evidence in your local area? You may be amongst the Ask For Evidence Ambassadors.
Sense about Science is employing 20 new volunteer ambassadors around the UK to lead the Ask for Evidence job. Ask for Evidence is a public job that holds efficient figures, service, organisations and public bodies to account. It helps people challenge claims in news article, adverts and policies and ask for the evidence behind them. It’s ensuring a discussion on the evidence occurs when it really matters.
Winding up being an ambassador is an opportunity to inspire others in your location to Ask for Evidence by providing talks, running activities and talking with area groups about issues that matter to them.

Chosen prospects will go to a training in London. Travel expenses will be covered.
Reliable prospects will get expert training in public speaking, insights into marketing and interactions and possibilities to organize and offer talks. This is an exceptional possibility to help shape and offer an across the country job. You will work thoroughly with the friendly Sense about Science group to arrange celebrations, offer talks and collect feedback.
Ambassadors will offer 3– 6 talks a year and are encouraged to search for possibilities for these in their location on proper issues to the area.


Open to any person who values, uses or promotes for evidence in their lives and areas;(***************)
Candidates will need to be easily offered to go to a training day in London on Friday 10 th May2019

To utilize please send a quick CV and a note going over why you want to be an ambassador and how you’ll bring the issues you value to the job.
Please send all applications to Alex Clegg– [email protected] by 5pm Friday 22 nd March. If you would like a casual chat about the function then please call us.

To learn more, go to Ask for Evidence Ambassador Program.


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