Shooters snatch five-day-old child, authorities detain dad


A five-day-old child presumably abducted by shooters in their house in Ijagbe commmunity, Mopa-Muro City government Location, Kogi, is yet to be discovered 10 days after the occurrence.


The News Firm of Nigeria (NAN) found out that the occurrence happened at about 8 p.m. om April 11 when the shooters got into the house of Mr Tosin Ojuola and at weapon point, required his other half to give up the kid to them.

Telling the occurrence at Cops Head office, Lokoja, on Sunday, Ojuola informed NAN that he left house hardly 10 minutes when the shooters got here and attacked his apartment or condo, batter his other half and asked her to give up the child at weapon point.

” I left house and was on my method to church for vigil on that eventful night, when I unexpectedly heard my other half’s voice sobbing and yelling for aid.

” I rapidly ran back to my apartment or condo and my other half informed me that 2 armed guys had actually powerfully taken our child away and faced the neighboring bush.

” I yelled for aid and some youths instantly joined me to pursue the shooters to save my child, however all our efforts yielded no outcome as we were unable to get them.

” We browsed all the neighboring bushes to some kilometers away, however due to the fact that it was night, we might not go extremely deep into the bush,” he stated.

He mentioned that he reported the matter instantly at the Divisional Police Headquarters in Mopa, where the authorities guaranteed to examine and look for the child.

Ojuola stated that the following early morning, more villagers were mobilised to look for the child far into the bush, consisting of farms and Fulani settlements, however that all efforts were abortive.

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He discussed that the authorities concerned his home likewise the following day to detain his property owner and a Fulani male, who is a renter.

According to him, the Cops stated that they were the primary suspects.

However, Ojuola stated that the matter took a twist on April 14, when authorities welcomed him for questioning and later on apprehended him in connection with the occurrence.

” The authorities informed me that the neighborhood leaders required for my arrest, declaring that the town oracle (Ifa divine being) exposed that I have hand in the stealing of my own child.

” On the other hand, prior to my arrest, 3 of the neighborhood leaders concerned my home on the 3rd day and stated that they were going to make sacrifice to their gods to expose the wrongdoers and recuperate my child.

” They asked me to offer axe, cutlass, hoe, palm kernel oil and fresh yam, which I did, and they asked me to take them to the area where I buried the placenta of my child.

” I took them there and they did some necromancies and put the oil on the area, and ensured me that my child would be discovered.

” To my biggest surprise and shock, it was the exact same individuals that asked the authorities to detain and apprehend me for presumably taking my own child,” he stated.

Ojuola mentioned that the case was later on moved to the State CID at Cops Head Office, Lokoja, on Wednesday.

” I have actually considering that remained in authorities cell for 7 days without food and with no hope of discovering my taken child. My image has actually been tainted.

” Why would I do such evil versus my own child? I am a farmer, and a personnel of Mopamuro City government Council, I have 5 kids.

” The taken child was my 6th kid. I am still owing N4,000 at the center where I took the child to after he was provided in your home.

” I have actually invested over eleven years in the neighborhood, my aged moms and dads remain in the exact same neighborhood; I have actually never ever been associated with any criminal activity in my life.

” I am innocent; I am a dedicated and dedicated Christian. How would I take my own child, to do what and for what,” he discussed.

” I am interesting the authorities to perform an extensive examination and fish out the wrongdoers, and assist me to save my child due to the fact that I am powerless,” Ojuola pleaded.

Shade Ojuola, his other half and mom of the child, in tears, revealed unhappiness over the snatching of her child at gunpoint.

She informed NAN on phone that she had actually bathed the child, laid him in bed and was getting fresh air exterior in business with their property owner’s other half when the 2 shooters emerged from no place.

” They flashed their torch light and commanded us to hands up.

” I began yelling when they drew out weapons and purchased me to shut my mouth; they required the door open and brought my child away.

” My partner had actually simply left your home for church not up to 10 minutes when the abductors came,” she discussed.

Mrs Ojuola who proved her partner’s earlier declarations, required instant release of her partner to allow the household to continue the look for their child.

” I am pleading the authorities to please totally free my partner from cell in Lokoja due to the fact that he is innocent; he can never ever do such a thing; he is a diligent male, and he fears God.

” We have actually been wed for 11 years now with 5 kids, and he likes me and all our kids; I do not wish to lose him,” she stated.

The aged dad of Tosin, Mr John Ojuola, 74, informed NAN on phone that some individuals in the neighborhood were conniving with the authorities to link his boy.

” The authorities must focus their effort on discovering the genuine wrongdoers of the abhorrent act versus my innocent grand son and bring them to justice,” he stated.

The conventional ruler of Ijagbe, Chief Amushin Adeleye, who likewise talked to NAN on phone, validated the occurrence.

He, nevertheless, rejected any participation in the arrest and detention of Tosin, the dad of the child.

He stated that Tosin had actually never ever participated in any kind of criminality, violence or social vice in the neighborhood.

The king even more validated that the 2 individuals the neighborhood believed after findings and assessments were Ojuola’s property owner, Samson Johnson and one Fulani male, Umoru Isah.

He stated that the neighborhood later on reported Johnson and Isah as suspects to the authorities.

The conventional ruler attracted the authorities to launch the child’s dad and make sure that justice was performed in accordance with the law.

When called, the Commissioner of Cops in the state, Mr Hakeem Busari, stated that he knew the matter.

When informed that the plaintiff in the event, Mr Tosin Ojuola, had actually remained in detention at the CID area, Busari revealed shock and requested for time to allow him to discover the genuine circumstance of things from the Officer in charge of CID.

Nevertheless, the commissioner did not return to NAN as guaranteed and tries to re-establish relate to him stopped working as his cellphone had actually been turned off. (NAN).