Social Science Research Study Research Study Council (SSRC) 2018/2019 Conflict Research Study Research Study Fellowship


Application Due Date: January 15 th2018
The Comprehending Violent Conflict (UVC) program of the Social Science Research Study Research Study Council (SSRC) invites research study grant applications from postdoctoral researchers, policy professionals, and specialists handling the drivers of conflict at universities and nongovernmental business.
The Conflict Research Study Research Study Fellowship (CRF) offers yearlong support for well-informed scholars (based at a university or NGO). The CRF enters into the Conflict Research Study Research Study Program (CRP), a 4 year, UK Department of International Development moneyed research study program based at the London School of Economics and Federal government that takes a look at the drivers of violent conflict in 5 cases: Somalia, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, and Syria.

The program focuses on approaches which the political economy of public authority helps to explain the determination and spread of violence. Reliable fellowship potential customers will need to have a look at how different interventions effect violent conflict and/or the risk of brought back violent conflict; examine” what works” to counter drivers of conflict; and take a look at the contextual elements that affect the efficiency of such interventions, including the linkages among international, across the country, state, and local level attributes. Reliable potential customers will contribute to the overall analysis of conflict through case research study studies of external interventions in 4 places concentrated on by the program:.

Civil society support (including multi-scalar peacemaking and peacebuilding activities, support for reconciliation, and community-level conversation and mediation).
Security and Justice Sector reform (including DDR/RR, stabilization, regional security networks/arenas, transitional, main and popular justice).
Enhancing public authority and credibility, including at sub-national levels (the political market, the outcomes of patronage networks on governance, governance promoting interventions, decentralization and anti-corruption activities).
Resource management (including settlement of land and real estate arguments, governance structures, and the function of natural deposit rivals in forming public authority).

Grants are approved on a competitive, peer-reviewed basis and are prepared to support 3 months of field-based research study, whereas a going to fellowship can be supported for an optimum of 6 months. As much as 7-9 personal grants of an optimum of ₤17,000 will be approved. Women and nationals of the 5 country cases are extremely inspired to utilize.

Potential customers require to be postdoctoral scholars, policy professionals, or specialists based at a university or nongovernmental business with a minimum of 3 years of field-based experience thinking about that the conclusion of the PhD (or researchers with similar experience who have in fact launched one book or more peer-reviewed scholastic brief posts).
Applications will be thought of for the following functions simply: moneying to support fieldwork, coach buy-out at your home company, or a going to go to at a United States or European university.
Research research study jobs require to focus on the core countries of the CRF: Somalia, South Sudan, DRC, Iraq, or Syria.
Prospects require to also be used to take part in a preparatory workshop in New york city city within the really first 2 months of their fellowship period, and a capstone workshop towards conclusion of the year-long fellowship.
At the end of the fellowship period, receivers require to produce a preliminary research study output that appropriates for publication in a peer-reviewed scholastic journal.

Application Process.

All applications require to be sent through the online site.
For More Information:.
Go To the Authorities Site of the SSRC 2018/2019 Conflict Research Study Research Study Fellowship.



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