Soldiers prevent bloody common clash


… Get rid of 5 mercenaries, recuperate arms & ammo in Benue State.

Some soldiers of 72 Unique Forces (SF) Battalion Makurdi, released for internal security operation in Katsina– Ala City Government Location of Benue State, have actually avoided what might have been an awful clash in between 2 Tiv clans– Shitile and Ikyora in the early hours these days Monday the 22 nd of April2019

The efforts of the soldiers was follow up to info got about the prepared attack on Katsina– Ala town by Shitile armed outlaws. Thus, the 72 SF Battalion soldiers laid an ambush along the thought path where they obstructed the armed fighters/attackers.

Breaking: Outlaws, abductors are goons equipped by political leaders– Falana.

Subsequently, there was an exchange of fire in between the armed fighters and the soldiers. 5 armed militia satisfied their waterloo throughout the encounter. The following products were recuperated:.

1 x General Function Gatling gun, b. 2 x AK 47 Rifles, c. 198 x 7.62 mm rounds of NATO Ammo, d. 16 x 7.63 mm rounds of Unique Ammo, e. 2 x Automobiles, f 7 x Motorcycles.

The Nigerian Army thus praise those who supplied the info that caused the success of this operation. Nigerian Army likewise utilize this chance to advise the general public on the requirement to be siblings’ keepers and continue to supply helpful and prompt info to the nearby security firms for definitive action.