Stop misinforming the electorate, Kashamu informs Secondus


Senator Buruji Kashamu, the Peoples Democratic Celebration (PDP) governorship prospect in Ogun State, has actually prompted the celebration’s nationwide chairman, Prince Uche Secondus, to stop misinforming the electorate.

Buruji Kashamu.

Kashamu, who was responding to a letter composed by Secondus and the celebration’s National Secretary, Senator Ibrahim Umaru Tsauri, to INEC, asking the electoral body to acknowledge Honourable Ladi Adebutu as the celebration’s governorship prospect, stated the letter was a tissue of lies, implied to blackmail INEC, including that the tactic would stop working.

Kashamu, in a fourth of February, 2019 letter entitled, “Re: Last List of Chosen Prospects in Ogun State” and resolved to the National Chairman, implicated Secondus of twisting realities with a view to blackmailing INEC.

According to Kashamu, the Secondus’ letter “leaks with the typical lies and blackmail that you have actually constantly marketed to obfuscate apparent realities and problems that are glaringly in the general public domain.”.

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He included, “Generally, I would not have actually reacted because the Commission understands the problems and has the advantage of sound legal guidance from senior legal representatives and specialists. Nevertheless, because you are not tired of informing lies, I would likewise not be tired of informing the reality and exposing your lies to the entire world.”.

Entering into the genesis of the crisis, Kashamu stated, “The reality is that the Federal High Court being in Lagos had on the 24 th of June, 2016, provided a judgment in which it directed the PDP and INEC to deal specifically with the Engr. Adebayo Dayo-led Ogun State PDP Executive.

” This very same judgment was declared by the Honourable Justice M.B. Idris on the 9th of February,2018

” These 2 judgments formed the basis of the 12 th of April, 2018 letter composed to you by the Commission in which it notified you of its choice to adhere to the regards to both judgments.”.

Kashamu stated in spite of the judgments and INEC’s position, the PDP management under Secondus decided to act contrary to the position of the law by supporting an unlawful executive in the state.

” If you selected to disobey the law and INEC chose to follow the law, how can you blame me for your bad luck?,” Kashamu asked Secondus.

The letter checks out even more, “Contrary to your claims, I want to advise you that in its standards for the 2019 basic election dated the fourth October, 2019, INEC specifically specified that regardless of its requirements for the National Chairman and National Secretary to back the Commission’s Election Kinds (not PDP’s election types), it included Product 6.1 that, ‘Political Celebrations are to keep in mind that where there is a Court Order in regard of the election of any prospect, the Commission will be directed by such Order.’.

” Now, in the Ogun State PDP case, there are 3 surviving judgments of the High Court and 2 judgments of the Court of Appeal. In its 25 th of October, 2018 letter to you, the Commission described 3 fits, specifically FHC/L/CS/636/2016; FHC/L/CS/1556/2017 and FHC/AB/CS/114/2018

It was the interlocutory orders in one out of the 3 fits (i.e. FHC/AB/CS/114/2018) that were figured out by the Court of Appeal being in Ibadan on the 18 th of December, 2018, leaving the last judgments in the 2 other cases (FHC/L/CS/636/2016; FHC/L/CS/1556/2017) that came first-in-time subsisting and legitimate till date.

” The only appeal versus among the 2 surviving and last judgments was dismissed by the Court of Appeal being in Lagos on the fourth of Might,2017 An additional effort to relist it was set out on the 11 th of July,2018

” The 2nd judgment by the Honourable Justice M.B. Idris (now of the Court of Appeal) was not appealed at all.

” It is impossible that the very same individual who intentionally flouts legitimate and subsisting judgments and judgments of the court might turn round to blame the Commission for his contemptuous acts versus the court and the entire judiciary.

” Mr. Chairman, you are the one picking and selecting the judgments to follow. You do not have the ethical right to implicate the Commission of what you are understood for. If the National Chairman and National Secretary of the PDP willfully declined to sign types that were properly sent to them in spite of surviving court judgments directing them to accord acknowledgment to the Engr. Adebayo Dayo-led Ogun State PDP Exco and its activities, consisting of the conduct of congresses/primaries, how can they hold the judgment lenders or the Commission responsible for their disobedience?

” It was based upon the legitimate and subsisting judgments of court (not just the interlocutory orders of the FHC, Abeokuta) that Engr. Adebayo Dayo, as the Chairman of the Ogun State PDP Exco, commanded the congress (es) where prospects were chosen in line with Area 25( 1) of the Peoples Democratic Celebration Constitution 2017 (as changed) which specifies: ‘There will be a State Celebration Congress which will include: The State Chairman who will be the Chairman.

“‘ Area 25( 2C) specifies even more: ‘The function of the State Congress will be to (c) Choose Governorship prospects of the Celebration’, to name a few.’.

” It is from the Congress chaired by the State Chairman that the list of prospects to represent a Celebration can be created and sent to the Commission. The function of the nationwide management or its agents is simply small and observatory. More so, such functions go through the arrangements of the 1999 Constitution, the Electoral Act and the PDP Constitution. It does not offer the nationwide management of the Celebration the latitude to act irresponsibly or unlawfully put together the list of prospects.

” When the INEC standards state the National Chairman and National Secretary are to sign the Commission’s Election Forms, it never ever imagined a scenario where the leaders of a political celebration would not follow legitimate and subsisting judgments of the court. Fortunately, the Commission offered the proviso that, ‘… where there is a Court Order in regard of the election of any prospect, the Commission will be directed by such Order’.”.

Kashamu included that “It is likewise deceptive and naughty to declare that the Commission based its choice to accept, procedure and release the list of Ogun State PDP prospects on the ‘judgment of the High Court (Abeokuta’s Department)’. As specified above, INEC’s choice was based upon 3 fits. The Federal High Court order that was reserved is simply one out of the 3 fits mentioned by the Commission. 2 last judgments of court of proficient jurisdiction are still legitimate, binding and surviving. Even the order stated to have actually been reserved had actually been surpassed by occasions.

” On the so-called ramifications of the judgment of the Court of Appeal being in Ibadan, I challenge you to price estimate a part of the judgment that verified your claim or stated Adebutu as the Ogun State PDP governorship prospect.

” For the umpteenth time, I would refer you to the findings of the Court of Appeal at page 12 of the judgment in which the Court held, ‘The action set up at the Lower Court is likewise not in regard of choice or election of prospects to represent the first Appellant at an election nor is it a problem versus any election, choice or activity of the INEC (10 th Participant). It remains in my view, merely an inter-party (sic) conflict in between 2 factions of the celebration regarding which of the factions is the genuine State Executive of the P.D.P in Ogun State. This appeal is for that reason not in regard of a pre-election matter.’.

” The findings and choice of the Court of Appeal in the Judgment of December 18, 2018, plainly reveals that the topic of the stated appeal was neither associated to pre-election problems nor the election of prospects to represent the Ogun State PDP at the election.

” For that reason, because the stated appeal and judgment do not associate with the list of prospects that would represent the Ogun State PDP at the February 16 and March 2, 2019 elections, the Court of Appeal might not have actually pronounced on the list of prospects from Ogun State.

” What is more, as can be plainly seen on the face of the appeal, Adebutu was not a celebration to the appeal. So, how can anybody claim that he is a recipient of the judgment?

” It was when you and Adebutu recognized that the appeal court judgment did not enter your favour that you fast and surreptitiously went to the FCT High Court to submit a match implied to assail me and my partners. You desired the court to state Adebutu as the governorship prospect of the PDP in Ogun State without joining me as an interested celebration or somebody who would be impacted by the result of the match. It was by providence that I was familiar with of the match and used to be participated the matter. Once again, the devilish relocation backfired when the court discovered that you acted in ostentatious disobedience of surviving judgment (s), declined your prayers and dismissed the match.

” The FCT High Court specifically hung on the 14 th of January, 2019 that because all the actions of the nationwide management of the Celebration were carried out in defiance of legitimate and subsisting court judgments they might not stand.

” So, what is all the lies and blackmail versus INEC about? The Commission has actually acted appropriately– in line with its avowed dedication to be obedient and check political celebrations when they act unlawfully and irresponsibly as in this case.”.

Kashamu recommended Secondus to desist from dragging the name of the celebration in the mud and assistance him for PDP to win in Ogun State.