Stop this mischief, group warns Clark, others

Stop this mischief, group warns Clark, others

The Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) has expressed concern over alleged partisanship displayed by a group of elders from some parts of the country during a recent visit to the National Assembly.


The group claimed the elders, led by Chief Edwin Clark had clearly shown their bias with the way they took turns to take pot-shots at President Muhammadu Buhari even on issues  clearly within the purview of the federal lawmakers.

BMO, in a statement by its national coordinator Austin Braimoh and secretary, Cassidy Madueke, argued that it was ”mischievous for the group, which prides itself as leaders of thought from the South and the Middle Belt to even accuse the executive arm of government of ignoring National Assembly resolutions when it is common knowledge that those resolutions are merely advisory.”

The media support group said it is however not surprised by most of the positions adopted by the forum at the meeting because it smacks of an extension of the role the elders played before the 2015 election when they backed then incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan against President Buhari as members of the Peoples Democratic Party.

”We believe that time should have healed the wounds, but then again, it is no longer business as usual under Buhari”, the group said.

BMO specifically pointed at the issue of ”devolution of power that the elders have for years been canvassing, and which is within the powers of the National Assembly to include in the recent constitution amendment process but was rejected.”

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