Strategies to overcoming marriage challenges

Strategies to overcoming marriage challenges

By Pastor Okokon Ating

FIDELITY: This term stands for an act of unfaithfulness to a partner be it the wife or the husband. It is an act of having sex with another partner outside, defiling the matrimonial bed. Why should this be made mentioned of in the life of the couple who vowed to themselves before men and women of God to be one till death do us part? The answer may be resolved based on the cultural background of some couples and their religious beliefs.

Biblically, it is a sin if one should have extra marital affairs. This is what the bible termed adultery. The society is sick and full of devices of which illicit sex is one of the areas in which both the married and the unmarried people abuse their lives.

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Therefore, there is need for couples to be aware of this fashion. Many ho-mes have been separated in the time past due to this factor. There are many married people who do not see such act as sin against their spouse.

Rather, it is seen as a unique situation to indulge in or taken as a socializing lifestyle of this age that we are in. Therefore, it is imperative for couples who want their marriages to last long to guard against this spirit in all aspects of their marital life. This is the area I’m advising married couples to take heed to themsel-ves sexually, with a close-gap intimacy. Married couples can take heed to what Apostle Paul advised in 1 Corinthians 7:5: “De-fraud yet not one the other, except it be with consent for a time that ye may give yourselves to Fasting and prayer, and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency�.

I knew of a married lady who kept reporting to me everytime that her husb-and seems not to be satis-fied with her alone. She stated that she suspected a foul play by the husband. I kept asking from her too, whether she caught her husband with another woman. The woman said no, but the character of her husband and the way he neglected her and her children at home, promp-ted her to accuse him of having extra-marital affai-rs. It was when I duly enq-uired from her that I dis-covered there had been a ‘defrauding’ issue from her side. Whenever the husb-and needed her, she brings in lots of complaints which made the husband think otherwise. As an African man, he did not wait or listen to his wife’s complaints but forges ahead to sort his own intention. This is the betrayal of trust between them as a couple.

Every married couple who wants durability in their marriage must learn to be subjected to one another in this area so that satan does not tempt them and goes scot free.

This kind of act robs couples of peace and joy of togetherness, bring bitterness and jealousy between the couple which may destroy lives and properties to such an extent that, it may extend to the next offspring.

We must be careful to keep safe our marriages and to pass this idea to the next generation to come.

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