Strong males vs strong organizations: Enhancing democracy in Africa


By Olufunmbi Kehinde.

Democracy has actually been specified as a federal government by the individuals, either straight or through agents chosen by the individuals. The components of a practical democracy need to for that reason consist of the following: involvement of individuals either straight or indirectly, self-reliance of the judiciary, separation of powers, the guideline of law, the regard for basic rights, totally free and reasonable elections, flexibility of journalism, responsibility, among others.


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According to the 2018 democracy index assembled by the Financial expert Intelligence System, based upon the following democratic aspects: electoral procedure and pluralism, the performance of federal government, political involvement, political culture and civil liberties; Mauritius is the only African nation that certifies as a complete democracy. All the other African nations were categorised as problematic democracies, hybrid programs or authoritarian programs.

African democracies are characterised and threatened generally by electoral abuse, ethnic departments, corruption, and the cumulative results of hardship, passiveness, and financial insecurity.

Method forward for democracy in Africa: strong males or strong organizations?

Strong Organizations.

Democratic organizations are a set of plans for arranging political competitors, legitimating rulers and executing guideline. Strong organizations are the foundation of steady federal governments. A democracy with strong organizations would have the ability to produce the vital components of a totally democratic federal government through correct separation of powers, thus allowing a system which enables checks and balances of the different arms of federal government. For instance, ina governmental system of democracy, it is vital that the judicial, legal and executive arms of federal government work hand-in hand. Moreover, these arms of federal government need to be independent and function individually at all times. As a matter of truth, the more powerful the judiciary and its failure to be affected by the executive arm, the much better the democracy.

A trustworthy circumstances of the self-reliance of the judiciary is the South African example, where the Constitutional Court of South Africa ruled that the National Assembly of Parliament had actually stopped working in its constitutional commitment to hold President Zuma liable. The Court purchased the erstwhile President and the National Assembly to pay the legal expenses worrying the matter. South Africa’s organizations were likewise strong enough to examine and prosecute the erstwhile President, who was prosecuted for accusations of corruption leveled versus him. Having strong organizations in Africa would assist to provide totally free and reasonable elections, since the electoral commission would be independent and it would not go through the machinations of the executive. An independent electoral commission would make it possible for the citizenry rely on the federal government and enthusiastically take part in the political procedure. Also, the guideline of law grows in a society with strong independent organizations.

Strong Male.

Strong males have actually been ruling Africa because the departure of the colonial masters and private nations have actually differed outcomes to reveal for it. An example of a strong male would be Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, who hung on to power for practically 4 years. The consequences of his dictatorship consisted of gross financial mismanagement causing the nation achieving 2 world records for active inflation. The routine was characterised by human rights infractions and anti-white bigotry.

Some might argue that there can be no strong organizations without strong males. Once again, some mentioning the Rwandan example where President Paul Kagame has actually held power because 1994 and chosen to a 3rd term in 2017, might argue that it might be possible for a society to love strong males even if there are no strong organizations. Some might state that in spite of the bloody way in which he presumed power, he has actually provided financial development to Rwanda. Some might yet argue that President Kagame is another strongman simply going through the movements of democracy as elections in Rwanda have actually ended up being practically a rule as his presidency is characterised by authoritarian guideline, thus advancing a case that strong males can suppressing democracy.

Instead of strong males, Africa requires visionary leaders. Democratic organizations that would last longer than generations can just be constructed by visionary leaders and not strong males. If Africa has leaders who construct strong organizations, the democratic system will be reinforced in spite of the weak point or strength of the person in authority.

A case for strong organizations.

In closing, Africa needs capable and transparent organizations, an independent press, a lively economic sector and a civil society to enliven our democracy. The financial success and obedience to guideline of law that exists in western nations can mostly be credited to their practical strong organizations




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