Structure Stronger Democratic Societies from the Ground Up in Eastern Europe & Eurasia


Assistance for civil society has actually been at the leading edge of USAID help in Eastern Europe and Eurasia for more than 25 years– an area that is the home of young democracies with long histories of communist guideline.

Our help has actually empowered regional groups to function as an efficient examine federal government authority and to promote the development of financial, social and political reforms. Almost all the current democratic developments in the area have actually been the outcome of people joining, self-organizing and speaking up. Once again and once again, civil society has actually shown itself to be the driving force for democratic modification.

Given that I started my profession with USAID’s Bureau for Europe and Eurasia 10 years back, I have actually consulted with numerous civic activists operating in the area. Their dedication and sacrifice continue to influence me. The future democratic advancement of each of their nations lies directly on their shoulders. Their perseverance and commitment to their work informs me that they comprehend this too.

Here, examples from 3 nations with dynamic civil societies that have actually revealed the capability for transformative effect.


” Our company reveals the stories of other active people and why little actions, people-oriented habits essential for sustainable modification. In 2013 we were simply 3 ladies who activated next-door neighbors for clean-up and metropolitan occasions. Now we are a nationwide NGO that promotes social duty, person engagement through occasions, media and civic education”. -Maria Nasiedkina, creator and head of the Ukrainian NGO Dyvovyzhni. Picture credit: NGO Dyvovyzhni personnel.

Given That 2013, when simply 3 establishing members began hiring next-door neighbors for neighborhood clean-up tasks, NGO Dyvovyzhni, or ‘Terrific,’ has actually reached over 2 million people through an online project to promote individual duty and motivate people to promote favorable modifications within their neighborhoods. Dyvovyzhni developed among the very first social advertisements showing how little however significant modifications, be it getting litter, using a seat belt or waiting at a crosswalk light, can have a huge influence on the neighborhood.

Its vision: assisting Ukrainians promote social duty and democratic advancement from the ground up. The company has actually assisted link 100 local NGOs to exchange understanding and experiences in promoting person advocacy.


Tsisana Bulashvili, 75, among the lots of faces and experiences of Georgian females, caught by the Ladies of Georgia job. Picture credit: Ladies of Georgia.

Conventional gender standards dissuade lots of females in Georgia from taking part in civic activities, consisting of those associated to gender equity itself. The Ladies of Georgia effort is resolving this extremely delicate and polarizing concern head on. Introduced in 2016 and imitated the People of New york city effort, Ladies of Georgia includes specific stories of Georgian females to show shared experiences, emphasize females’s problems and display experiences that challenge standard gender functions.

Anna Karseladze, primary investigator inspector of Rustavi city authorities very first department, among the lots of faces and experiences of Georgian females caught by the Ladies of Georgia job. Picture credit: Ladies of Georgia.

The stories develop buzz on gender problems and assist lead the way for civic advocacy on gender associated problems.

Given that its creation, Ladies of Georgia has actually included more than 250 females of all backgrounds, consisting of ethnic and spiritual minorities, females of various sexual and gender identities, females from rural and metropolitan locations, females political leaders, girls, senior females and moms of kids with impairments.

Kristina Dudey Avsarkisova, 25, among the lots of females of Georgia. Picture credit: Ladies of Georgia.

The company’s Facebook page-enabled platform has actually currently produced more than 62,000 ‘likes’ and over 62,500 fans, and has actually reached more than 300,000 users weekly. This excellent social networks reception shows the importance of this concern to Georgia and the have to resolve it head on.

SerbiaDuring the 1990 s, Serbia’s civil society was globally acknowledged for the vital function it played in producing democratic modifications in the post-Milosevic duration. Ever since, the efforts of Serbian civil society have actually typically been ignored. Yet civil society groups here offer comprehensive federal government oversight, regardless of reducing area to take part in the legal procedure and increasing efforts to reject some companies.

One company that exemplifies this resiliency is the Centre for Research Study, Openness and Responsibility, or CRTA. For more than 15 years, CRTA has actually been designing imaginative methods to increase the federal government’s duty to its people.

It established the very first fact-checking website in the whole area., or the truth-o-meter, evaluates the fact of public authorities’ declarations on essential social and financial problems. has actually acted as a design for lots of comparable efforts throughout the area. Regardless of the danger to people advancing this extremely politicized work, CRTA has actually broadened its work, making the 2018 OSCE Democracy Protector Award for these efforts.

These are simply 3 examples of the transformative effect of civil society ahead of time democratic reform in the Europe and Eurasia area. Countless more exist. Without their vigorous efforts, sustainable democratic reforms would not be possible. That’s why USAID will continue to support regional heroes throughout Eastern Europe and Eurasia who commit their lives to constructing more powerful democratic societies from the ground up.


Erin McCarthy is a Civil Society Consultant with USAID’s Bureau for Europe and Eurasia promoting civil society organizational sustainability and civic engagement. Follow her work @USAIDEurope.