Suicide: NAPTAN advises moms and dads to be alert, monitor their kids, wards


Lagos– National Parents, Educators Association of Nigeria (NAPTAN) on Monday decried the wave of suicide amongst teenagers, advising moms and dads and guardians to be more watchful and display activities of their kids.


The News Company of Nigeria (NAN) reports that a trainee just recently dedicated suicide for stopping working to score high grades in the simply concluded Unified Tertiary Enlisting Evaluation.

Responding to the wave of suicide of teenagers, Chief Adeolu Ogunbanjo, second Deputy President of NAPTAN, informed the NAN in Lagos that moms and dads should pay more attention to their kids to prevent suicide propensities.

He stated self-destructive act was condemnable however the cause must be attended to.

” Truthfully, it is really unfortunate, really frustrating and yes it is really condemnable. However condemning it alone will not bring the option; we as moms and dads should look out to stop this threat.

” Moms and dads should look out constantly to recognize modifications or any suicide propensities in their kids.

” Kid, specifically undergrads, require consistent tracking in order to prevent any threat.

” Nowadays, much of us moms and dads do not have time for our kids any longer, we just stress over their maintenance however disregard the social life.

” When we broach time, it is divided into 2; regular time and quality time– and what our kids require is quality time,” he stated.

Speaking on the case of the undergrad who dedicated suicide, the NAPTAN Deputy President stated the event may not be inapplicable with the financial scenario in the nation.

He stated financial scenario might cause suicide, including that “one can not dismiss anxiety”.” It is wrong for anyone to devote suicide for whatsoever factor however for a depressed individual, they will not believe that it is wrong.

” A depressed individual just acts upon impulse,” Ogunbanjo stated.

Speaking on trainees devoting suicide since they stopped working JAMB, Ogunbanjo stated failure became part of life and there was no success without failure.

Adult care is likewise really crucial for our kids and quality time with them to inspect their class work, research and project, especially at the main and secondary school level.

He advised moms and dads to invest quality time with their kids and wards to put their kids in check.

” Failure belongs to success, failure makes you discover, it makes you understand what to do beside prosper.

Exposing notes of suicide victims( Opens in a brand-new internet browser tab).

” However it is regrettable that our youths will devote suicide since they stopped working JAMB evaluation.

” Moms and dads have a lot to do, they need to stop bothering their kids over their efficiency in evaluations.

” Moms and dads need to invest 15 to 30 minutes daily with their kids to put them in check,” he stated.

Moms and dads advised to motivate kids to welcome STEM education( Opens in a brand-new internet browser tab).

Discussing the case of the undergrad who drowned in a pool in Abuja just recently, he advised the moms and dads of the victim to pursue the case to a rational conclusion in order to function as deterrent to other trainees who might be considering such wicked act.

The NAPTAN authorities explained the serve as wicked which must he condemned by all.

Ogunbanjo advised the state and federal government to guarantee that Nigerian youths were viably engaged to dissuade them from participation in vices. (NAN).