Swedish Institute (SI) Leader Lab 2019 for Civil Society Leaders in South Asia and MENA location (Fully-funded to Sweden)


Due Date: May 7,2019

Applications for the Swedish Institute– SI Leader Lab 2019 are now open. The SI Leader Lab is a new management program for advocates of gender equality who want to grow in their function and have a look at new tools and kinds for cooperation.
SI Leader Lab 2019 will integrate 60 young popular civil society leaders in South Asia, the MENA location and Sweden who are active advocates of gender equality. The overarching objective is to improve leaders who are working for peaceful and inclusive societies.
Are you a civil society leader in South Asia or the MENA location? Are you working for a more gender comparable world? SI Leader Lab is a program for advocates of gender equality who wish to grow in their function while taking a look at new tools and kinds for cooperation. Apply to SI Leader Lab if you want to grow as a leader, develop your advocacy capabilities and share understanding in a network of motivating peers.

The program is an opportunity for you to develop your advocacy capabilities and handle tactical outreach within your focus place. It’s also an opportunity to grow as a leader, exchange experiences, form new connections and to attempt innovative tools and strategies with peers running in an equivalent context.
SI Leader Lab is a combined understanding program that runs over 8 months, mixing online conferences with 2 various assemblies in Sweden. Run in smaller sized understanding groups based upon location and thematic focus will be incorporated with sessions that include all people. The training is developed on experience-based and cumulative understanding and will allow you to have a look at real barriers and places of improvement for your own organisation in an innovative and useful environment.
The program is as much about private as skilled improvement. It relates to growing as a private with brought back self-esteem and insights, and growing as a leader with new tools, strategies and perspective.
The particular efficiency and experience of the people will primarily determine the topics that they handle. The following more extensive issues, nonetheless, will be primary: value-based management and group improvement; trustworthy advocacy strategies; and, how to work successfully with and within networks. The training will be carried out with a rights-based approach.
SI Leader Lab will supply you:.

Private insights as a leader: how to lead yourself and others through increased self-awareness and increased understanding of group improvement.
An opportunity to have a look at trustworthy advocacy strategies that will help you form and get in touch with a message to wanted audiences.
The possibility to share and construct understanding in a network of specialists, to encourage each other and share experiences on normal barriers.
Insights on how to widen your networks– and how to use networks as support in your work.

Expenditures covered:.

Training and product.
Accommodations, food and domestic transport throughout the program.
Flight tickets to and from module 1 and 3 in Sweden.
Insurance protection covering serious illness and incident when in Sweden.
Visa costs.

You can utilize to SI Leader Lab if you:.

Have a leading position (authorities or casual) in a civil society organisation or network working for gender equality.
Run in a cumulative setting, where you have a management function (authorities or casual).
Remain in between 22 and 32 years of ages (born 1987–1997).
Have an outstanding working understanding of both made up and spoken English.
Are an individual of Algeria, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tunisia or Yemen.
Are easily offered to take part in all parts of the program.
Are prepared to forward efficiencies and comprehending you receive from the program to your group, organisation or other significant stars.

Please remember that they are not able to make any exceptions to the eligibility requirements.
The program, topped 8 months, mix online conferences with 3 weeks of severe training divided into 2 various assemblies in Sweden:.

Kick-off online (September 2019).
Module 1: 2 weeks onsite in Stockholm, Sweden. 6–19 October2019
Module 2: Online sessions and execution. November 2019– February2020
Module 3: 10 days in Sweden (location to be validated). 23 March– 2 April2020

The program in Sweden will be with full-day schedule and a variety of night activities. Chosen people will require to dedicate to participating in all activities.
Simply prospects who have really sent out an overall application will be thought of for the program. These are the actions in the application treatment:.

Download and send the Leader Lab application.

Go to the application site.

Submit the ended up application in English, including your contact info and the contact info of 2 recommendation people.

Submit an updated CV in English.

Submit a suggestion letter *.

Submit an image (optional).

* The suggestion letter (no higher than 500 words) require to be from a person who comprehends your run in the field of gender equality. The letter should motivate your participation in the program with recommendation to the option requirements; the letter should preferably stay in English nevertheless may also be sent out in French or Arabic. They pick that you use your style template for the suggestion letter, nevertheless it’s optional. Style design templates are easily offered in English, French and Arabic They may contact the recommendation people of the prospects who are chosen for an interview. They simply need a suggestion letter from amongst the recommendation people.

For extra info, see SI Leader Lab.