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24 Things To Do in 24 Hours in Alachua, Florida

When you ask University of Florida students about Alachua, Florida, the usual answer consists of “Never been there.” Growing up in small-town Alachua, you create activities to do. Existing as a fairly rural town, expect to engage a lot with nature and physical exercise. Get ready to experience simple-living entertainment following 24 places in 24…

24 Things to do in 24 Hours in Cleveland

People don’t call Cleveland “The Land” for nothing. Although some people like to give Ohio a hard time for being…well, Ohio… Cleveland possesses many unique attractions like all-star sports teams and scenic hiking that make it a Midwestern city you can’t miss. Cleveland is the second largest city in Ohio that has many nearby colleges…

24 Issues To Do in 24 Hours at UF in Gainesville

The University of Florida might be in a small town, but don’t let its size or its proximity to the absolute middle of nowhere fool you. Gainesville is jam-packed with things to do, whether you’d rather hike until your feet fall off or drink until you forget you have feet. Get your bike or bus fare ready for…