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10 Youtubers Every University Student Can Gain From

If you spend several hours (as I do) on YouTube, then you know about the Downwards Spiral, where you start on one video, and a few hours later end on a video completely unrelated to the first one. While you might feel guilty about this, YouTube actually has a lot to offer. Creating, producing and…

Makeup For Outright Beginners: Starting

So, you’ve decided it’s time to start painting your face “like a grown-up”. Maybe someone mistook you for a 12-year-old, or maybe you just want to give makeup a try. Well, Every College Girl is here for you. Because we were once where you are now, fresh faced, dewy cheeked, and totally ignorant of the…

The best ways to Prevent The “Pink Tax” Cost Walking

  “Razor Sharp” (CC BY 2.0) by darranl What kind of ordinary student isn’t broke nowadays? Not only do you have to think about college tuition, accommodation and transport costs and paying for a social life, there are the day to day costs of living to factor in too. In preparation for paying back those student loans when…