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Your Master Guide to Drinking in College

You spent your teenage years drinking whatever you could get your hands on, putting your liver through the ringer (Four Lokos, I never want to look at you again). Now as a sophisticated adult, you need to start acting like one. Did you know one serving of liquor is two ounces? So yes, only the…

Trainee over-draught: checking out Europe’s very first university microbrewery

The hum of machinery and scent of hops emerges from the corner of a car park beside Newcastle University’s engineering department. Kegs covered in yesterday’s snow are lined up outside an inconspicuous outbuilding, bearing the name “Stu Brew” – the microbrewery run by the students’ union, which is the first of its kind in Europe.…

10 Presents for Beer Lovers Who Can’t Stop Yelling “Dilly, Dilly!”

Do you know that person that just really, really loves beer? This Christmas season we’ve gathered beer enthusiasts to come up with the best gifts for beer lovers everywhere. So, steer clear of buying beer helmets for their present–we can all do better than that. Check out the best gifts for the friend who will…