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From Durham Univesrity to Durham Book Celebration

I think it was my varied work experience, managing bars and nightclubs and organising conferences, as much as my academic qualifications that secured me an internship at New Writing North (NWN), the reading and writing talent development agency for the North of England, in the final year of my undergraduate degree at Durham University. NWN works…

Store regional– Discover Durham’s Indoor Market

When you arrive at Durham, you do not simply join a University, or enter a college: you become part of an entire community. Each of these groups has its own centre, around which its activities revolve – each College has its common room, the heart of University life is the Student Union…and the hub of…

Exploring the region – City, coast and countryside

Take a trip to ‘the Toon’ Just a short bus journey, or only 12 minutes on a train from Durham station and you can be in the heart of Newcastle City centre. As well as a great choice of shops, bars and restuarants, Newcastle offers cinemas, theatres, museums and galleries, as well as a lively music scene to…