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15 School Supplies English Majors Literature-lly Need This Fall 

Most colleges decided that classes will remain predominantly online, and depending on the type of student you strive to embody, this decision may have thrown you off of your academic game a bit. Enrolling in Zoom University had many students blissfully remembering their days of arriving on campus for in-person instruction (even at ungodly hours)…

No English Significant Is Alike

Someone asked me what my major was, so I told them English. The first comment out of their mouth was, “I don’t know how you can read all those classic novels.” Excuse me? Did I hear that correctly? I asked her what she thought an English major entailed. “Well don’t you just like read poems and…

A Letter to the Ambitious English Significant

To my fellow English majors, Did you ever give in to the myth that English is a worthless college degree? Have you ever hesitated when someone asked you what you’re studying? For some reason, people seem to think the career prospects for people who study literature are few and far between. I’m here to tell…