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CM’s Guide to the International Service Major

Do you like to take charge and work with diverse groups? Would you consider yourself a person with strong managing and researching skills? As an international business major, you’ll find yourself learning about how to reach new populations on an international scale. From handling employee affairs as a Human Resources Manager to calling all the…

A Message to Youth Voters

Personalized messages, knocking on doors and handing out flyers characterize methods of political campaigning that show how this communication has become more personalized and widespread in the past few years. Many people have friends who volunteer with campaigns or politicians. Many of us know political science students or teachers who talk about the importance of…

CM’s Guide to the International Researches Major

Always up to date on world news? Eager to participate on the world stage? Then you should definitely consider a major in International Studies. Engage with political theories, learn about weapons of mass destruction and their effect on international relations and understand how the world market functions in an increasingly global environment. International Studies can…