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10 Drinking Games for PSU’s Blue-White Weekend

Tailgating and drinking seem to go hand-in-hand in college and in life in general. A sunny day in April paints a picture perfect day to watch our lions practice in our stadium while getting to take some shots. The Blue-White weekend comes around this time of year, one of the best weekends at Penn State.…

Sacrilegious Terms: What Not to State to a PSU Alumnus

Dear Old State, we raise our hats to thee. Our bodies come full of spirit and fun and good times. Alumni of PSU are some the best people to hang around just because they bleed so much PSU pride. But certain sayings surround PSU that people should never say to an alumnus of the school.…

10 Indications You Went to Penn State

Penn State—the university filled with fantastic academics, competitive sports and plenty of alumni to go along with it. Sometimes we see them at school during football games. Other times we’ll notice them in a random city without even thinking we would. Either way, Penn State alumni are everywhere. And these are the top ten ways…