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A Message to Youth Voters

Personalized messages, knocking on doors and handing out flyers characterize methods of political campaigning that show how this communication has become more personalized and widespread in the past few years. Many people have friends who volunteer with campaigns or politicians. Many of us know political science students or teachers who talk about the importance of…

CM’s Guide to Davidson College

Davidson College — Davidson, NC Davidson’s Instagram The Vibe Academically intense with a strict honor code What it feels like to go here Davidson College presents itself as a small liberal arts college with a toned-down atmosphere. The students’ main concentration tends to be academics. “There is a really intense stress culture present within the…

How Self-questioning Stopped Me from Intensifying Political Battles

During the holiday season, meeting up with family and friends can seem daunting if you often argue about politics, beliefs or any other ‘taboo’ topic. Growing tired of the yelling and inevitable period of silent treatment following a conversation turned debate, I started to really think about differences of opinions in relation to my own…