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A Q&A With College YouTubers: How They Do It All

Believe it or not, a lot of people have decided to toss their cable bill out of the window. With streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and even YouTube, many people have decided to make a full switch, instead of paying hundreds of dollars for cable every month. YouTube especially has become a form of…

Life Hack: How to Facilitate Loan Without Ever Leaving Your Dormitory

You wake up and the clock reads 7 a.m.; a new day has just begun. Despite only getting four hours of sleep after a long battle with chemistry problem sets, this new day has no sympathy. During the week, you have no time for fun events or eating out, and to make matters worse, you…

10 Youtubers Every University Student Can Gain From

If you spend several hours (as I do) on YouTube, then you know about the Downwards Spiral, where you start on one video, and a few hours later end on a video completely unrelated to the first one. While you might feel guilty about this, YouTube actually has a lot to offer. Creating, producing and…