Talk about Why Temple University Is Not So Frightening by Ed


When you inform individuals you go to Temple University, you will often be asked, “Isn’t it harmful?” or “Do not you get terrified?” The typical mistaken belief is that if you go to Temple, you are continuously evading bullets or fearing for your life due to the fact that of the North Philadelphia place. To make matters worse, a post just recently came out calling Temple University the 2nd most harmful school in America. I can see why individuals question the school’s security; nevertheless, regardless of this current short article, it is essential to keep in mind all the reasons that Temple is safe which there is no factor to be scared to call Temple house.

Temple University Cops.

giphy.comOne of the very best precaution at Temple is having particular school cops trained by the Philadelphia Cops Department. (Yes, that’s an advantage.) No, I am not speaking about guard however real police officers. You can constantly call them if you do not feel safe, and they will escort you to your location. Feel strategized strolling house alone? You can have your really own cops escort to your door. There are 2 police headquarters on school, and believe me when I inform you, there are never ever a lack of policeman patrolling on and around school.

Rigorous Dormitory Security.

giphy.comFreshman year I was strolling back to my dormitory with my pal when a guy started speaking with us and continued to follow us throughout school. We ultimately strolled into our dormitory, and he disappeared. Every Temple trainee that has actually ever resided on school has actually been annoyed with their dormitory’s procedure, however it might have conserved my life. Not just are trainees needed to have their trainee ID swiped upon entry to their dormitory each time, however they likewise are restricted in the quantity of visitors they can check in. I understand it can be a discomfort when you remain in a rush or have your hands complete, however when you require time to think of it, you must be appreciative. Temple lies in the city and unlike numerous schools, it does not have a gate or check in system to come on to school. This suggests that anybody might stroll onto our school whenever they desire.

Blue Call Buttons.

giphy.comA pal informed me she accidently pushed a blue emergency situation call button when, and the cops existed within seconds. I personally have actually never ever utilized nor have actually seen anybody usage among these buttons due to the fact that of an emergency situation. Nevertheless, it is assuring to have actually these spread both on and off-campus. These may be a last hope for numerous, however are still a legitimate source of defense and lie all over school. Assist can actually exist with simply the push of a button.

Owl Loop/ TUr Door.

giphy.comEvery Temple trainee has an unique location in his/her heart for the Owl Loop and TUr Door. Whether you invested hours in the tech or are getting home from night class, trainees do not constantly wish to stroll house. With a bulk of upperclassmen living off school, having a shuttle bus service ranging from 5: 30 p.m. to 6: 00 a.m. is very helpful. Strolling 4 blocks to your off-campus home in the dark can be harmful, which is exactly why Temple has actually used these services. Eliminating the inconvenience of needing to stroll during the night can make a substantial distinction when it concerns criminal activity.

giphy.comThis is such an essential subject not just due to the fact that I enjoy Temple a lot and really think it is a fantastic school, however likewise due to the fact that the worries individuals have are 100% legitimate. North Philadelphia is a high criminal activity location, and criminal activities versus trainees are dedicated; it’s simply a reality. What I am stating is that it is vital to take required preventative measures and benefit from the resources that are offered to us as trainees. It is ravaging to hear when individuals are hurt or harmed in our city whether they’re Temple trainees or not, however it is a lot more destructive when there might have been something to stop that disaster. All of us selected to attend this school, and it suggests something various for each people. It is time for us as trainees to step up and be clever with our security. Whether that suggests not walking alone while being intoxicated or taking the Owl Loop despite the fact that it might take a bit longer to get house. Due to the fact that truthfully, residing in North Philly is a substantial part of being #TempleMade.


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