The AFRIKA KOMMT! fellowship program 2019/2021 for Future Leaders from Sub-Saharan Africa (Entirely Moneyed to Germany)


Application Due Date: January 11 th2019
19 popular German company developed the effort AFRIKA KOMMT! in the year 2008– the very very first joint-initiative for ability structure by German market. After the success of the extremely first 6 program intakes and the seventh AFRIKA KOMMT! usage still in treatment, the 8th AFRIKA KOMMT! usage will follow on perfectly with the application phase start 27 November2018
Lot: benefits for both sidesAt the heart of the AFRIKA KOMMT! fellowship program is an eight-months helpful training in a popular German company benefiting both, fellows and partner company– a classic good deal: The program fellows benefit through.

getting first-hand helpful experience in a popular German company.
being exposed to management concepts and management techniques in practice.
winding up being acquainted with working treatments and service culture in German company.
extending their international management efficiencies.
beginning networks of cooperation partners in between Sub-Saharan Africa and German company.

The partner company advantage through.

establishing networks of cooperation and depend on enticing future markets in Sub-Saharan Africa.
extending their experience with the working and service culture in Sub-Saharan Africa.
boosting their understanding about cultures, markets, countries and so on in Sub-Saharan AfricaAfter 6 completed program years, a considerable range of the people now run in the branch work environment of their specific partner company in Africa.

Essential component of AFRIKA KOMMT!
Moneyed by the German partner company, the ability improvement program AFRIKA KOMMT! consists of the following necessary aspects: 1. One-month particular German language preparation course2. 1 year stay in Germany including:.

Two-months comprehensive German language course.
Eight-months internship in a German partner company.
3 one-week training modules on international management and management efficiencies.
One-week research study journey in Germany on significant subjects, e.g. “Digital Adjustment”.
Weekend workshops on cultural and social subjects set up by the Robert Bosch Stiftung in Stuttgart and the ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius in Hamburg.
Cultural weekend activities set up by GIZ.

3. Transfer phase after the stay in Germany with mix into the AFRIKA KOMMT! Alumni Network and its regional Alumni Clubs4. Refresher course in Germany or Africa, approx. 6-12 months after the stay in Germany, utilizing the previous fellows to extend their networks with other alumni and to similarly get from their experiences.

Potential customers need to please the following authorities eligibility requirements:.

University degree in a significant subject (please see particular company profiles noted below).
Postgraduate degree (e.g. MBA) is an advantage.
2 to 5 years of significant work experience.
Impressive English language capabilities.
Essential understanding of the German language is an advantage.
Not older than 35 years and healthy.
Female potential customers are welcome.

Possibility profiles.
The AFRIKA KOMMT! fellowship program targets at very licensed, self-driven young professionals and junior executives from Sub-Saharan Africa with various years of hands-on work experience, strong management qualities and a truly high level of commitment and commitment.Besides the specific technical knowledge significant to the partner company, the program requires potential customers to have the following set of standard capabilities and qualities: Language and interaction capabilities:.

Impressive English capabilities.
Strong oral and written interaction capabilities.
High decision to learn GermanExpert capabilities:.
High management capability.
Strong self-motivation and self-starter state of mind.
High level of dedication, commitment and target-orientation.
Strong ability for group effortIndividual qualities:.
High level of interest, adaptability and toughness.
Remarkable intercultural efficiencies.
Ability to adapt to new environments quickly.

The AFRIKA KOMMT! fellowship program includes: Language course.

A particular German language course prior to departure to Germany.
A comprehensive German language course in Germany including expenses, lodging and living allowance.

Taking a trip expenses– Flights, Visa, and so on.

Visa for Germany for one year.
Roundtrip flight from your home town to Germany and back.
Travel to refresher course and back.
Programme-related travelling expenses in GermanyMonth-to-month living allowance throughout the theoretical phase.
Month-to-month living allowance of EUR 750,- (August, September and October 2019; July 2020).
One-off moving expense of EUR 1.000,- for sitting back into your house countries.
Month-to-month wage throughout the internship in business of approx. EUR 1.500,- gross.

Vital note:.
The routine month-to-month allowance of EUR 750,- and the wage ensures an adequate standard of living in Germany. However, the amount is not appropriate to provide sponsorship for families or enjoyed ones and for this aspect, they can not accompany the fellow to Germany. Additionally, the people require to make strategies to ensure the subsistence of their families in their home countries throughout their participation in the program.

Lodging throughout all stages of the program in Germany (including web allowance, electrical energy, water and other charges) Insurance coverage Protection.
Health, accident and liability insurance coverage coverageTrainings.
Worldwide management training courses.
Research research study journey and weekend workshops in GermanyAlumni activities.
Refresher course in Germany or Africa, including management trainingAlumni networking activitiesCertificateAFRIKA KOMMT! is a practice-oriented fellowship program. Fellows will get 2 certificates. One authorities certificate upon reliable conclusion of the program with an extensive description of the specific contents and aspects of the training and one authorities certificate by the partner company upon reliable conclusion of the internship.In addition, fellows will get a certificate by the Academy for International Cooperation of GIZ GmbH by reliable conclusion of the specialist training in the tool “International Efficiency.

4 actions to ask for AFRIKA KOMMT!Suggestion: Please utilize as rapidly as possible and not at the very end of the application period as the expected high range of applications might activate technical hold-ups.
4 actions to utilize.
If you want to ask for the 8th AFRIKA KOMMT! usage from 2019-2021, please ensure you follow the 4 actions kept in mind listed below:.

Action 1: Take a look at the standard possibility requirements– do you fit the requirements?
Action 2: Take a look at the easily offered positionings and required profiles of the seventh usage of AFRIKA KOMMT! 2019-2021– Please remember you are asking for the program in standard, not for a specific positioning.
Action 3: Take a look at and fill in the application in English.
Action 4: Send your application PRIOR TO 11.012019, 23.59 h CET– applications sent out after this date can not be considered.

Application sent out– what happens next?

You will be informed within approx. 8-12 weeks after the primary end of the application period, if your application has in fact accomplished success. If so, you will get a welcome to a 2-days assessment center in Nairobi, Kenya, which will take place from 01.042019– 18.042019
The assessment center includes a range of tasks, group activities and conversations and works as a basis for the choice. The results of the assessment center will be engaged in May and June 2019– reliable potential customers will then get the welcome to Germany for one year!

For Extra Info:.

Take a look at the Authorities Websites of the AFRIKA KOMMT! fellowship program 2019/2021