The International Inequalities Institute Atlantic Fellows program 2019/2020 for Social and Economic Equity (Completely Wealthy to UK/South Africa)


Application Due Date: 20 November2018
Are you a social adjustment leader committed to advancing justice and equity? Do you want to understand the treatments that are setting off and deepening inequalities? Are you prepared to join forces with an around the world network of peers to set up a cumulative challenge to inequality?
The Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity at the International Inequalities Institute is a fantastic possibility for those from social movement, civil society, scholastic, task or policy-making organisations to analyze and challenge the factors for inequalities.

The Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity will acknowledge, prepare and connect good friends of different, multidisciplinary and action-oriented leaders trying to find severe choices to the structural and historic barriers that underpin inequalities worldwide.
Via 2 tracks, Residential and Non-Residential, the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity program incorporates substantial scholastic coursework with beneficial techniques to cultivating social adjustment.
Atlantic Fellows program is especially excited to support prospects: • Residing in the around the world South (in particular Africa, Far East, Middle East, South America, South East Asia, and the Indian subcontinent), although this element will never ever be considered in privacy. • Who do not otherwise have the resources to money their participation in such activities, especially those from the around the world South. • Who may not have had access to fellowship possibilities in the past.
Educational and English-language requirements.

Non-Residential Atlantic Fellows.
Prospects have to have actually achieved a 2:1 bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline, although there may be impressive scenarios where the prospect’s work experience will be considered rather.
GRE/GMAT requirement: None.
Prospects have to please LSE’s requirement English Language Requirement.
Prospects have to have at least 5 years’ experience of tough inequality.
Residential Fellows Residential Fellows are signed up in the MSc Inequalities and Social Science, and the fellowship will cover all course charges. In Addition all Residential Fellows will get a set stipend to cover cost effective living costs. The Atlantic Fellows program will also cover the cost of one round-trip travel for Fellows who are not London based for the Academic Year (as much as the Travel limits embeded in accordance with our Travel Policy). Expenses for existence at Atlantic Fellows events, such as the III Annual Conference which will stay in Cape Town in 2018, will also be covered (for example, hotels and flights).

Visa charges for Residential Fellows will also be covered by the Atlantic Fellows program.
Non-Residential Fellows Non-Residential fellowships are fully-funded with all course costs, travel, and accommodations covered where needed. Meals will be used Fellows throughout of the short courses and summertime season school. The Atlantic Fellows program will cover the cost of one round-trip travel for Fellows who are not London based to each short course and the summertime season school in the UK. Also the Atlantic Fellows program will cover the cost of one round-trip travel for Fellows who are not Cape Town, South African based (as much as the Travel limits embeded in accordance with our Travel Policy to each short course in South Africa.
Application and option treatment.

5 September 2018: Applications open.

20 November 2018: Applications close.

18-22 February 2019: Interviews.

6 March 2019: Candidates signaled.

Applications are examined both by AFSEE, and by external experts including program partners and Senior Fellows. Prospects are chosen for interview based upon the list below requirements:.

Life function and placing with the AFSEE program’s goals, vision, and worths.
The AFSEE program’s placing with the prospect’s background, vision, and capability.
Engagement with inequalities.
Management experience and capability.
Gain access to and requirement.

To find out more:.
Go To the Authorities Site of the Atlantic Fellows program 2019/2020


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