The Journey of a Software Engineer

The Journey of a Software Engineer

Denis took more than 20 courses on Coursera. It helped him power up his CV to immigrate to Germany, grow professionally, and give his family a better quality of life. Here is his story:

I went to school in Brazil, and I am currently a Software Engineer with 12+ years of experience with software development. Since the early days, I have been taking every single new course related to Machine Learning and Data Science on Coursera. My goal at first was to understand a little bit about those fields, but due to the high quality of the courses that I have found, I just fell in love with it.

For someone from where I come from, it would be quite unlikely to be able to attend classes at top universities like John Hopkins, Stanford, Washington, which are all considered to be some of the best in the world. Having certificates from those schools brought a lot of attention to my resume, and made both recruiters and technical interviewers much more prone to think that I am a good fit for their open positions.

Coursera helped me power up my CV; thanks to that, I moved to Germany earlier this year to work in one of the top fintech startups in Europe. I moved to Germany for many reasons: first was of course to provide a higher quality of life for my family. Secondly, I thought that the best jobs in IT are usually in the United States, England, and Germany, so moving to those countries seemed like a natural decision to me as I grew professionally.

After 20 courses I can confidently say that the way that I think about building software is completely different now. With the state of the art technologies and theories I have learned, I am able to propose solutions from a totally different perspective. In the future, I would like to dive even more in the Big Data and AI field and create my own startup.

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