The late Brigadier Bamigboye: Goodbye to Statesmanship


By Issa Aremu.

The leader military guv of Kwara State, Brigadier General David Bamigboye passed away in Lagos on Friday 21 September 2018 after a short disease, at the age of78 He was born upon December 7,1940 The life and times of the late statesman might effectively pass for the take off phase/ plan of my dear Kwara state.

At the age of 37, David Lasisi Bamigboye, ended up being the very first president of Kwara State. Today Nigeria makes unneeded fetish of “Not- Too- Young To- Run” expense signed into law just recently by President Muhammadu Buhari.

However lest we forget; there was when a Nation (appropriately commemorated by the famous Chinua Achebe) where at 37 the late Brigadier General David Bamigboye not just ran a leader state however constructed it from the structure!

The late General David Bamigboye was the very first Armed force Guv of Kwara State from Might 1967 to July1975 Kwara state was produced with 11 other very first generation states from the old defunct 3 areas of North, East and South of Nigeria.

At 20 th anniversary of the state in 1978, the Late Brigadier David Bamigboye informed The Herald state paper (he established) that; “No state from the 12 mentions produced by General Yakubu Gowon’s administration on Might 27, 1967, had facilities, monetary and institutional issues like the Central West State, later on relabelled Kwara State.” Constant with the old gotten knowledge that when “the going gets difficult the difficult starts”, David Bamigboye with his other compatriots proceeded to lay a strong structure for Kwara State with sustainable signature accomplishments that made Kwara state among the quick growing states in the 70 s.

Witness these; Kwara Polytechnic, Herald Paper, Kwara Hotel, Kwara State Secretariat, Kwara State Federal Government Home, various public secondary schools, food security for the state and numerous state General Hospitals.

With dedication to Industrialization, he signed a variety of arrangements which caused the facility of a variety of markets such as sugar refinery in Ilorin, tobacco factory a brewery and biscuit factories at Ijagbo, Paper Converter at Erin-Ile. The majority of now moribund without the state assistance. He likewise updated– Asa Dam water job for Ilorin and some Healthcare Facilities and Health Centres in the state.

The leader guv likewise provided Scholarships to Kwara trainees in greater organizations. In 1968 he produced the Kwara State Ministry of Education, with a department to manage Scholarship/Bursary matters. He matched a pledge with timely satisfaction. For example, in 1971 he revealed a choice to develop the Kwara State Polytechnic, which originated in1972 He constructed and sustained unity in Kwara state.

Paradoxically in April 1968, Kwara state’s very first spending plan was simply N10 million “from which N4m remained in deficit”. With generous management and dedication, the late military guv changed an hitherto backwards Ilorin and Kabba provinces into a quick growing state of the Federation. Today Kwara state spending plans each year some N160 billion spending plan however might not keep a variety of Bamigboye’s leader tasks.

Undoubtedly Kwara is nearly back to pre-creation 1967 age with pot holes called roadways and the people of the state relied on collectors and hunters of standard requirements like water which had actually because stopped running regardless of billions absorb “dams modernization”! Bamigboye’s age was that of cumulative all inclusive made management compared with today ascribed special single-leadership.

His age in governance produced numerous impressive star-leaders, scholars, civil servants, jurists, specialists, business owners and numerous terrific Kwarans in numerous fields”. Some names easily enter your mind; Chief Joseph Adeniyi Aderibigbe, the very first substantive Secretary to the Armed Force Federal Government (SMG) and Head of Service in Kwara State however the 3rd and the last to hold the workplace under Guv Bamigboye, Alhaji Abdulrahman Okene and Alhaji Liman Umoru,, the 2 who capably functioned as secretaries from 1968 till April,1972

Considerably Bamigboye assisted to develop a developmentalist Kwara State which today, suffers (scandalously!) big advancement deficits due to bad non-inclusive governance. His age significant statesmanship as unique from the existing customization and privatization of governance with attendant mass hardship and well having of the judgment elite. The very best method to honour the late leader guv for the excellent individuals of Kwara state to transform statesmanship. Undoubtedly the death of Brigadier General on the eve of an important transitional election in Kwara state was “a magnificent suggestion” of “an age of generous statesmanship”. I get in touch with all candidates for public workplaces in Kwara state to gain from the strong favorable imprints of the previous military guv.

It is undesirable that Kwara today badly ranks 28 th on the ranking of states by GDP beaten to it by even latest states like, Imo, Edo and Oyo states. Kwara needs to go back to the course of performance through re-industrialisation and mass good tasks. At development, Kwara was the fastest growing state. The very best homage to late Military guv is for Kwara state to go back to advancement preparation and impress on the federal government within the Council of States to enhance on nationwide preparation and nationwide vision within the context of Africa Union (AU)2063 His admirable tasks such as Kwara Kwara State Printing and Publishing Corporation, (publishers of The Herald and Sunday Herald) need to likewise be sustained. It’s time Kwara and certainly Nigeria end up being when again investment/job locations. I sign up with other compatriots to hope that Almighty God grant Late Brigadier David Bamigboye everlasting rest.

Aremu is Labour Celebration governorship prospect for Kwara State.