The political deceit behind failure to reorganize Nigeria


By Olu Fasan.

AGITATIONS for reorganizing Nigeria are long-running, repeating and relentless. The clamour is, in reality, so relentless that, because Nigeria went back to civil guideline in 1999, no federal government or ruling celebration has actually had the ability to overlook it.


Yet, in spite of 20 years of extreme public discourse, with a big body of understanding put together through inclusive nationwide consultative online forum, development stays evasive. However why?

Well, let’s advise ourselves of the substantial, yet useless, political interventions on the restructuring problem, for at the heart of the stopped working interventions lies the genuine barrier to favorable modification in Nigeria: unethical politics! In 2005, amidst extreme require political restructuring, President Olusegun Obasanjo inaugurated the National Political Reform Conference, NPRC. Over N1 billion was invested in the conference, however Obasanjo successfully binned its report.

About 10 years later on, confronted with comparable agitations, President Goodluck Jonathan established the 2014 National Conference, thought to have actually gulped up about N7 billion. The nationwide conference likewise produced a detailed report.

In 2015, President Jonathan got the Federal Executive Council to authorize its execution, however lost power because year’s basic election. His follower, President Muhammadu Buhari, explained the nationwide conference as inefficient and swore he would not read its report or that of Obasanjo’s NPRC or, certainly, assemble his own conference.

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However the problem will not disappear. Agitations for reorganizing ended up being so vehement that Buhari’s celebration, All Progressives Congress, APC, could not overlook them. In 2017, the APC inaugurated a restructuring committee, headed by the Kaduna State guv, Nasir el-Rufai.

The el-Rufai committee passed through the length and breadth of Nigeria, held public assessments in the 6 geo-political zones and got contributions and assistance from popular Nigerians, consisting of some guvs of the opposition Peoples Democratic Celebration, PDP, such as Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State, who played an active and passionate function in the committee’s fact-finding work.

In January 2018, the el-Rufai committee sent a four-volume report to the celebration’s National Working Committee. So, within the period of 15 years, there have actually been 3 detailed reports on restructuring Nigeria, produced after substantial and inclusive assessments. Yet, all to no obtain! No major nation would use up massive time and resources, human and monetary, on any problem of nationwide value for 15 years without advancing it in a favorable method.

In Britain, the federal government of Prime Minister Tony Blair produced degenerated federal governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and a mayoralty in London, within 2 years of entering power in 1997! That’s what takes place where politics is responsive and responsible, where it is truthful and in the nationwide interest.

However not in Nigeria. All the 3 interventions on the restructuring problem were encouraged by political usefulness. Obasanjo’s NPRC was an anchor for his third-term program; Jonathan’s nationwide conference was a pitch for the South-West vote; and the APC’s restructuring committee was a self-serving effort to prevent being outmaneuvered by the PDP. As the then APC chairman, John Odigie-Oyegun, stated at the time: “We should organize this argument”, including: “If any group can declare ownership to the concept and the requirement for real federalism, that group is the APC”.

Yet, the APC had no objective of carrying out any reform on political restructuring. In May in 2015, President Buhari’s senior media assistant, Garba Shehu, stated that Buhari would carry out the el-Rufai report once his celebration authorized it. “As soon as the report is authorized by the celebration, the President, as a devoted celebration guy, will execute it,” he stated. However he was being disingenuous for he understood that the APC would not authorize the report, being completely knowledgeable about Buhari’s strong opposition to restructuring.

In November in 2015, President Buhari stated in France that “there are a lot of individuals talking slackly about restructuring in Nigeria” due to the fact that “they could not specify what they implied”. That was an unjustified insult to popular Nigerians who have actually long articulated the kind that restructuring need to take. However leaving that aside, wasn’t the el- Rufai committee charged with specifying the problem?

Why not, a minimum of, begin with the report of his committee? Annoyed about Buhari’s mindset, Guv Seriake Dickson stated in 2015 that President Buhari “missed out on a golden chance to end up being a terrific statesman by emphatically turning down restructuring”. Reality is, Buhari is not thinking about such a tradition!

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However if President Buhari’s antipathy towards political restructuring is grating, what about the fickleness of South West APC leaders who, as NADECO leaders, vociferously clamoured for political restructuring however, now in power, are singing a various tune? All of them have actually gone native, however take Chief Segun Osoba, previous Ogun State guv. As early as 2017, he informed The Guardian paper: “Only restructuring can ensure Nigeria’s survival”. In another interview, he stated: “There can be no worked out unity (in Nigeria), however just worked out devolution”.

However recently, he was priced quote in this paper as stating “restructuring is a lie”, promoted “by a picked couple of”! What sort of self-centered, value-free politics is this? Some provide an incorrect dichotomy by stating that Nigeria requires socio-economic restructuring, not political restructuring, betraying dreadful lack of knowledge of the reality that you can’t have socio-economic development without a long-lasting political settlement.

Unfortunately, such unethical or misdirected politics prevails in Nigeria, and it is specifically why favorable modification, terribly required improvement, continues to avoid this nation!