The Road To Intersect: Aline Lerner Talks About Increasing Diversity In Tech

The Road To Intersect: Aline Lerner Talks About Increasing Diversity In Tech

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The Road to Intersect - Udacity - Aline Lerner

Udacity conferences, like so many aspects of the Udacity experience, are just a little bit … different. For example, all conferences have speakers, and we do as well—Intersect 2018 has an incredible speaker roster—but only at Udacity do the speakers get interviewed before the event, while being driven around in a self-driving car!

Aline Lerner is the co-founder and CEO of, a hiring platform with a groundbreaking approach that is increasing diversity in tech through anonymized interviews. As recently described in Forbes, “the company matches qualified engineers with jobs at top tech companies including Facebook, Amazon, Uber and Airbnb by ditching resumes and offering live, technical interviews on its platform.”

We’re thrilled to have Aline as one of our distinguished speakers for Intersect 2018—she is a panelist for our Competing With Skills, Winning With Confidence panel—and Chris Morell, Udacity’s Director of Marketing, recently “sat down” with Aline to talk about her work, and her participation in Intersect 2018. (Sitting down, in this case, means being driven through the streets of San Francisco by “Carla,” Udacity’s own self-driving car!)

As you’ll see from watching the video, Aline is really passionate about democratizing access to opportunity, and she doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to identifying what she sees as the challenges that need to be addressed:

“One thing that always annoyed me was that hiring didn’t seem to be very fair. Once people have education, just because they know what they’re doing, doesn’t mean they can find a job. And that sucks.”

If there is one thing above all else we can tell you about Aline, it’s this—if you come from an unorthodox background, don’t fit a “conventional” mold, or don’t look on paper like you’re “supposed” to look, Aline and are on your side. If you’ve ever said to yourself, “if only I could get the chance to just show them what I can do!” then Aline and have something really vital and important to offer you—the chance to be assessed by your performance.

Intersect 2018 is an expression of our commitment to your life and career goals, and we’re thrilled that such a passionate career advocate as Aline Lerner will be on hand to share her insights, experience, and wisdom. Enjoy our interview, and we look forward to joining you in the audience to watch Aline and her fellow panelists, on stage at Intersect 2018!