There needs to be a nationwide re-education strategy– Mrs Ify Akerele


By Ebele OrakpoMrs Ify Akerele is the instant previous Director-General of the Nigerian Chamber of Shipping, an affiliate to the International Chamber of Shipping. The previous president of Females in Shipping and Trade Association, member and Ambassador of the Females in Maritime Africa, Akerele is still rather active in the Maritime sector.

Among the very first couple of females in the Maritime sector, she began her profession with the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs and later on worked as the Unique Assistant and Administrative Assistant to the DG, Nigerian Institute of International Affairs and Executive Secretary, Institute Of Directors Nigeria.

In this chat with Lead in Abuja, Mrs Akerele states the only service to Nigeria’s issues is for federal government to state a state of emergency situation on education.Excerpts:.

Ify Akerele.

Inform a little about yourself.

I am Mrs Ify Akerele, a mom of 2 beautiful kids and a granny of 2 beautiful little ladies. I am from Onitsha, Anambra State however my hubby is from Lagos State. I am the instant previous Director-General, in reality, the leader DG of the Nigerian Chamber of Shipping, NCS, an affiliate to the International Chamber of Shipping. I remained in the Chamber of Shipping for about 10 years, retired however was made a life member of the board which was an honour. I am likewise a BoT member so I am connected to the Delivering sector.

As the leader DG of the Nigerian Chamber of Shipping, what were you able to accomplish?

The NCS has a private-public sector relationship with the Nigerian Maritime sector because we played an advocacy function guaranteeing that Nigerian gamers in the Maritime sector are provided their own reasonable share of what is readily available in the market.

We promoted the death of the cabbotage law where Nigerians are provided very first option rejection when it concerns agreements and activities in the Maritime sector to guarantee that Nigerians who desire play because sector have access to funds and agreements by global oil business and typically care for the well-being of the Nigerian Shipping or maritime business owner.

We likewise promote correct policies, lobby and communicate on the global platform to make certain that Nigeria’s voice is heard and our objective is to make Nigeria a maritime center for West Africa and Africa in the long run. This is what the Chamber of Delivering represent.

Females in Maritime.

We are growing. I are among the very first couple of. I do not own a vessel; however I have a great maritime understanding so what we are attempting to do is to motivate females to enter into that service.

Is this the Nigeria of your dreams?

Well, I will not state I had a dream for Nigeria however this is not the Nigeria I matured in and I make sure if my moms and dads are to come out of the tomb, they will ask to return in since this is not the impression I got when we were maturing. I believe we were so well safeguarded that we were not gotten ready for the extreme truths occurring now. Nigeria is a lovely nation and Nigerians are special however I believe we got exposed too quickly. Let me put it by doing this: the level of direct exposure has actually not consulted with the level of education; education is dragging. That’s one huge issue.

Individuals are essentially tossed into exposed environment. You go to the legislature, somebody ends up being a Legislature member by virtue of individuals he understands and he can not fathom what his function is; he does not have understanding since there is a principle that federal government is a various entity from individuals. Then we have the web, social networks and so on, individuals in Nigeria are not all set for that sort of direct exposure, it is impacting their mind.

So the issue is bringing individuals to the exact same level as the direct exposure we have. You can’t go to someone in my mom’s town and inform them about wifi, they understand wifi however they do not actually understand wifi, they have no direct exposure of what wifi is for; they feel in one’s bones you can utilize it to enter the web however where is wifi from? How was wifi found? A standard kid abroad or in Ghana next door understands it, however here, individuals are exposed too quickly and they are not prepared. It is something that needs to be dealt with head-on.

State of emergency situation.

Nigeria has actually got to state a state of emergency situation on education; that’s the only service. Do you understand some individuals take a look at having loan as class? It’s since of their level of education. We need to get education right. Awolowo offered complimentary education. All of us had complimentary education when I remained in the university. I went to University of Lagos; we were provided loan to go to school; so with education, we had the ability to comprehend the level of improvement today, even the instructors require education. That is the significant issue in Nigeria.

Every state ought to take education as a concern, Bayelsa State for instance has actually moved really quickly since the Guv chose to deal with education and education alone, so it can be done. If education is at par with improvement or level of advancement, we will not have an issue.


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No connection in between the leaders and fans. I simply offered an example of somebody selling palm red wine all of a sudden entering into your home of Reps, if there is an issue, you can’t even go to him to talk about the state of West African coast since he does not understand what you are discussing. He will do all the subtleties, make all the best relocations however he actually does not comprehend what you are stating. He utilizes loan to cover his insufficiencies. Ghana is method ahead of us in education since the Ghanaian selling scarf is informed. If they can fix the education issue, Nigeria’s issues would be fixed. The concern put on education by our leaders now is absolutely nothing to compose house about since they do not believe it is necessary.


I’m an optimist. It will still alter. It needs to get really bad to improve. Some individuals are fretted, stating Nigeria is going no place, however God who made Nigeria is at work. I would not be despondent since it’s constantly darkest prior to dawn. We are all grumbling however we most likely required to be where we are today to be where we are going tomorrow; we were residing in dreams’ paradise. Everyone is suffering; even the abundant are suffering too.

Nigeria requires revamping.

We require to restructure. We require to return to the drawing board, hold correct conferences, correct referendum, correct conversations. Let us decentralize, there is excessive power at the centre. I think in restructuring however it needs to be a strange type, not the type that PDP was recommending which is motivating however it needs to be a revamping. You will see individuals come out from every area with terrific concepts. We had it that time with the Vision 20-20-20 Draw out all those documents, we have fantastic individuals in this nation. Sadly, there is no patriotism. I think the National Orientation Firm, NOA is an extremely crucial company however it appears they are not troubled.

National Orientation Firm.

They require to keep drawing out favorable aspects of Nigeria, singing Nigeria’s applauds like the Americans; have flags all over revealing the achievement of Nigeria. When you become aware of the exploits of any Nigerian hero abroad, they scream it to the roofs, however today, the Nigerian himself could not be troubled about Nigeria, he just wishes to leave the nation.

There was a three-year-old kid that stated a prayer for his daddy’s birthday. He stated: “God, provide my daddy loan.” This was the prayer of a three-year-old! However he didn’t believe he was doing anything incorrect since that’s all he hears so I want they might provide me the NOA to run, by the time you promote favorable aspects of Nigeria, reveal favorable aspects of Nigeria, individuals will begin feeling pleased with themselves.

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A lot unfavorable aspects of Nigeria.

There’s a lot unfavorable aspects of Nigeria! When favorable things take place, you do not get to hear them. We have a Nigerian lady, Wendy Okolo, who was the very first individual to get a PhD in Aerospace Engineering in the United States and no one understands. These are the sort of things we ought to be hearing; if you see that, then you state ah, Nigeria is great.

The immigrants are really delighted with the unfavorable news about Nigeria since it matches them great; they desire you to go and plead for visa so that they will generate income out of you, charging you for even visit for visa, to go where?

Reporters are crucial.

Reporters are really crucial however they appear to have actually lost hope. Thank God for Lead Media and the publisher, Uncle Sam (Mr. Sam Amuka), among the couple of standing pillars. Lead is one paper you check out and get the reality. Uncle Sam has actually not altered.

On education.

I’ll state it once again, there needs to be a nationwide re-education strategy; sadly, individuals in charge are not interested. Every one is searching for just how much they can put in their pocket for survival. So it is illiteracy, really quick advancement and greed. I am not despondent. My kids live abroad and they asked me to come over and I inquired why? “Why would I do that? You have your tasks, your kids more than happy; what would I be performing in Britain?’ I stated no, I am better here, a minimum of I am chasing my females tasks.

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