There will be no Igbo citizenship of Nigeria if in 2023 …– Ezeife


Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife previous guv of Anambra State has actually stated that ‘there will be no Igbo citizenship of Nigeria if, in 2023, the South East is not offered major opportunity’.

Ezeife in an interview with THE SUN: ‘There will be no Igbo citizenship of Nigeria if in 2023, the South East is not offered major opportunity to produce the president of this nation. After being offered a severe opportunity and we might not make it, that might be comprehended however if anyone starts to state that there is no opportunity in 2023, that will be extremely hazardous.

I do not understand the number of baskets there are. Individuals who wish to follow their minds would constantly do so. In the 2019 governmental election, the PDP governmental prospect, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar who everyone understands where he originates from, ended up being an initial Igbo guy. How might anyone have actually gotten in touch with the Igbo to divide themselves and vote one part for Atiku and the other for President Buhari. The Igbo did not elect one celebration in fact. They elected both the PDP and the APC however we followed our minds much like we followed previous President Goodluck Jonathan. We can not start to pretend not to understand where we wish to go. What I am stating is that when it is our turn, let them elect us, that is all.

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On Security.

I believe our conventional leaders consisting of the Obas, Obis, Emirs and others from other locations need to hold some type of top. It is needed that the ranchers are talked to correctly. Whatever takes place, they are the last losers in the video game, nevertheless method it ends. If they believe that they are the leaders and whatever they desire will occur, and they talk with some type of conceit, no one takes pleasure in being talked down on. They need to likewise partner with churches and mosques to discover a service to the obstacles we are dealing with as a nation. What is taking place now is extremely bad. I heard that about 2 individuals today were abducted in Anambra and I heard one was asked to bring N1.5 million and the 2nd individual asked to bring numerous millions as ransom. Such an advancement is bad for the nation. When the British, our colonial masters left Nigeria, the Fulani had an excellent name. Now, I make certain that 3 years from now, that is if it will be that long, some individuals will end up being disliked a lot that no one will like to see them and it is bad for anyone to fall under that classification. I do not desire my individuals to be so disliked and I do not likewise desire the Fulani to be so disliked. Anyone who feels he is taking pleasure in the scenario now is not sensible; it is not a satisfying scenario. We interest private groups to demand calm and we need to likewise be speaking to God with concerns to the scenario we discover ourselves in Nigeria.

There are lots of things going on and some individuals state he is doing what he is doing since he is the client of the Miyetti Allah. All these things need to be remedied for the future of the nation.

Everyone understands the reality. Individuals might pretend however everyone understands the reality. The Igbo guy is comfy in Japan, China, United States, any part of the world. No matter the condition of any location they discover themselves, they attempt to make it through there. Anyone making that type of insinuation understands that Nigeria has actually completely gained from the Igbo guy. The Igbo guy thinks in Nigeria and assists in establishing the nation. We need to all approach what is taking place in Nigeria today with an open mind.

On Nigeria and RUGA.

I make certain you understand me. For excellent factors, specifically being an economic expert, I think in one Nigeria. I choose one Nigeria. For that reason, I think that rather of having actually mini nations called Nigeria, I choose that Nigeria is a huge nation where there is peace and where the marketplace is as big as it is and where people are at peace with one another. This is what I am believing. In such a scenario, no one loses. The method I am believing is the exact same method other Igbo are considering it; they crave for a tranquil big location.

I believe there are lots of errors being made by this administration. We have a law which turned over the land to the state guvs and not to the president of the nation. For that reason, if we follow our own law which we offered ourselves, it will be much better, rather of trying to find land that does not come from the Federal Federal government.