They are not informing Buhari the fact– Senator Owie


States Northern guvs have actually failed their individuals.

Nnamdi Kanu a thorn in the flesh of the Igbo; My concerns for them.

Disagrees with Obsanjo on Islamisation program, states he legalised the Sharia.

By Chioma Gabriel, Editor Unique Functions


Senator Roland Owie, previous Chief Whip of the Senate, entered into the saddle in 1999 to represent Edo South constituency of Edo State, Nigeria at the start of the Nigerian 4th Republic. In this encounter, he addresses concerns on the security concerns in Nigeria, however disagrees that President Buhari has Islamisation and Fulanisation program. Rather, he believes the President’s state, Katsina State is more under the chains of outlaws and abductors than other states and blames absence of empathy on the part of state guvs and the federal government for the threat of outlaws and basic insecurity throughout Nigeria.He spoke in Benin City


Nigeria appears overwhelmed by the quantum of insecurity it has actually been facing. There have actually been killings, kidnappings, banditry, ranchers threat. What is incorrect?

Roland Owie.

What you are seeing today is an accumulation of reckless governance at the state level for several years. If you take a look at the north, 9 city governments in Katsina have actually been taken control of by outlaws. A variety of individuals from Katsina are now relocating to Niger Republic to purchase homes and these abductors are from Katsina, they are not immigrants. The guv of Katsina remains in difficulty. What is taking place there is a pile-up of mis-governance for many years. I went to school in the north and these youths are mostly ignorant. That is why I stated its several years of failure of federal government that triggered it. If you go to the north, these kidnappings are taking place mostly in Katsina, Kaduna, Niger states, Borno, Yobe and these are the primary locations and if you take a look at it, the federal governments of these states in the previous twenty years have actually been extremely inefficient and they declined to establish their individuals. So, individuals have actually required to banditry as a lifestyle. As I speak to you, the majority of the guvs of these states are resident in Abuja or outside the nation.

In Borno, Boko Haram has actually taken control of 2 city government locations and these Boko Haram insurgents are not immigrants. The majority of them are indigenes of the state. So, the state federal governments for many years have actually not done anything for 20 years to enhance the great deal of individuals. There’s a lot hardship. You discover a male with 4 partners or more and thirty-children and when they go to sleep by 7pm, the dads and the partners do not provide a damn where their kids are, whereas, as old as you are today, your moms and dads and other relations still call you to discover where you are and what is taking place to you. It is not so with numerous in the north. Individuals remain in the streets. The north is paying the cost of ignoring correct training and education of their kids.

Azazi advises Buhari to ignore require Dokubo’s elimination( Opens in a brand-new internet browser tab).

In Benin, Edo State around the Catheral, you see beggars from the north with children in their hands. So, its bad governance by guvs that is triggering the issue.

Then, when you take a look at what is taking place in the south, the kidnappings you see in the south are primarily done by the ranchers and some regional wrongdoers. And here, in the south east, south south, south west, you will see the youths, even finishes happy to require to doing routine tasks to endure which does not occur in the north. The youth in the south battle more due to the fact that they are more informed.

So, the kidnappings you see in the south east, south south, south west are primarily by ranchers integrated by wrongdoers in the system who abduct and these wrongdoers abduct and blame the ranchers. Once again, not all the ranchers abduct. However I inform you, we from the south have actually informed our individuals and they have actually discovered to endure.

Another thing that is uneasy is what our guvs finish with security votes. You ‘d discover a state guv that gathers N500 million or more as security votes each month and these guvs will take a seat in their houses, view tv at night; they would see a male or lady requiring N5million to go to India or Saudi Arabia for treatment however they not do anything to assist. They will turn off their tv and go to sleep and I inform you, hell is awaiting them. If the N500 million security vote is well utilized, it can be utilized to utilize and pay a great deal of out of work youths each month. So, what I’m informing you is that the guvs are to be blamed for kidnappings in the states. Take a look at Kano, Sokoto, Jigawa, you can see that these kidnappings are not widespread in these states, like in Niger, Kaduna, Yobe and other locations I pointed out previously. Unless the guvs alter their mindset, these kidnappings would not ease off


In the south, the type of kidnappings utilized to be militants kidnapping oil employees, or political punks kidnapping challengers of political leaders however nowadays, kidnappings are throughout board. They abduct both the bad and the abundant for ransom, they abduct innocent visitors and take them inside the bush and the pattern is spreading out. What will you associate the existing pattern to?

Do you understand the kidnappings that were carried out in the Niger Delta, instantly this great president that never ever lasted, that is Shehu Musa Yar’ Ádua came on board, he brought peace to that location and our individuals downed their weapons. Then our own child came as president. That is Goodluck Jonathan. Do you understand that as we are talking today, the East-West Roadway is not finished. It was deserted. If this roadway had actually been finished, the entire south west, south east and south south would have been enjoying it. It’s been twenty years of civilian administration and no one is discussing that roadway and after that, we had our child that ended up being president for 6 1/2 years. And instantly he ended up being president, he was surrounded by sycophants. The only genuine individual he had was the Late Oronto Douglas and E.K. Clark who was outdoors. The rest were sycophants trying to find what to consume. Take a look at what is taking place in NDDC. It would simply award agreements and the specialists would desert the agreements after gathering the cash. There is no single task by the NDDC in the south south that is finished today. They are completely deserted. Will you blame that president for the ineffectiveness of NDDC?


Lots of people believe that altering the security chiefs might deal with the issue of insecurity. What do you believe?

The fact is that Mr. President is not making himself offered to individuals. The service chiefs have individuals on the ground working for them. However has Mr. President searched for out what these individuals on the ground are going through? Has he had the ability to discover why the spirits of the soldiers on the ground is extremely low? A few days ago, 2 solders were jailed in a car with N400 million. It was reported and today, no one becomes aware of it. Is the cash suggested for the well-being of these soldiers being utilized for it? The fact is that security chiefs are not in tune with their individuals downstairs. Are they paying the allowances of these young soldiers? They have young households they left in the house and even as they are on the ground battling, the households require their attention and when you are not paying them, do you anticipate them to be devoted in their services to the country? The fact is that when a male supervises of the affairs of a state, he requires to have another technique of keeping an eye on the screen. The president should have a method of connecting to the guys in the field. If he was doing that, things would not be the method they are. Or why is it that for over twelve years, we have been combating Boko Haram and have not had the ability to beat them? Rather, they are getting more powerful and catching more city governments in Borno State. The spirits of the soldiers on ground is extremely low. They are the ones that pass away and the President is not being informed the fact about what is going on. And the President must a minimum of have his own intelligence on what is taking place on the ground, due to the fact that out there, absolutely nothing is taking place. The battle versus Boko Haram is not overall. It is not what it must be. The bad young boys exist. Their spirits is gone because a lot of their coworkers are dead and they are not being inspired through well-being, intelligence and exceptional devices. They are doing not have in these locations and the President does not understand


Former President Obasanjo implicated President Buhari of Fulanisation and Islamisation program. Do you believe he’s right?

Till I travelled through Katsina just recently, I would have maybe concurred with Obasanjo however after remaining in Katsina, that is the President’s state, I understand otherwise. Or is Buhari attempting to Islamise Katsina? There is no peace in Katsina. Let me inform you, the revolt in Katsina State is even worse than in any other state in the north. Can you picture what is taking place in Zamfara? That a person is an overall failure of governance. A guv of a state ought to have empathy however what these guvs do not have is empathy. And if Mr. President does not have empathy and those around him do not care, then, there will be issue. That is why what we see all over is mayhem and Katsina where the president originates from is more in mayhem than any other northern state.

The guvs in some states in the north simply went there to play therefore, their states are gaining what they planted. How can you bear numerous kids and not train them? Jonathan came and developed almajiri schools however the schools were rejected. There are substance abuse all over the north and these become part of the issues Nigeria is fighting today.

All these outlaws we discuss are under impact. Now, a northern guv just recently met outlaws terrorising his state and in a couple of days, another will enter into the bush to consult with the outlaws. Now, why are they not apprehending them? They understand their moms and dads, they understand where they are and they understand who they are. Mr. President recently stated the military ought to pursue them however no one is apprehending these individuals. They are not doing anything which indicates there is an ulterior intention. The guvs are now consulting with outlaws and working out with them rather of apprehending them


There were claims that repentant insurgents and outlaws were conscripted into the army and the cops. Is that real?

Actually, I can’t speak on that due to the fact that I do not have proof. I heard that too however might not validate it. Lets discuss the guvs understanding the outlaws however not doing anything about them. The Katsina State guv met outlaws however did not detain them, rather he worked out with them and snapped pictures with them and they are offering conditions to stop doing what they are doing. That indicates that abductors and outlaws are the ones in charge in the north


Do you view a dispute in between the constitution and the Sharia law as declared by Association of Christian Elders.

I should admit that members of that committee including my uncle Solomon Asemota are extremely appreciated. The fact is, it was Obasanjo that legalised Sharia. I remained in the Senate then. That was when that previous guv Sani Yerima that later on pertained to the Senate went and wed a 13- year-old lady. There is a lot sycophancy going on. I fulfilled among them in the senate then taking in 14 bottles of Stout and when I asked him about Sharia, he stated, my sibling, na we, we. That was hypocrisy. So, the fact is that Obasanjo permitted the Sharia.

Now, my handle what the Christian leaders blogged about Sharia and the constitutions running pari-pasu is not entirely as it appears. We have traditional laws and traditional courts in the south. You can not take me to a court that I am not under its jurisdiction. For example, when I remained in ABU, a few of our trainees were jailed and when they took them to a Sharia court, they stated they were Christians and they were moved to another court. A minimum of, those courts run pari-pasu. As they have traditional courts in the South, so likewise they have Sharia courts in the north.

Take a look at Katsina, 9 city governments have actually been taken control of by outlaws. What we are seeing typically is a failure of governance. And those surrounding the President are lying to him, they are not informing him the fact


You related the Sharia with traditional law, however here, we have the CJN and essential legal organizations being controlled by Sharia attorneys. Does that present any risk to the nonreligious legal system in Nigeria?

These judges have actually remained in the system and have actually remained in the courts and increased through the ranks. A minimum of, let the Nigeria Bar Association discuss this to Nigerians. The CJN was not a carpenter or cattle-rearer simply brought from outdoors. He remained in the system and if we now state he does not have the required credentials, let the NBA discuss that to us. They should not conceal their failure. I’m an expert instructor. No one can simply can be found in from outdoors to head the Nigerian Union of Educators. A livestock rearer can not head a union of expert instructors if he had actually not been an instructor. Law is a legal occupation and NBA ought to have the ability to discuss to Nigerians if undoubtedly the constitution is running parallel with the Sharia. They ought to inform us how the CJN increased to become what he ended up being


Throughout ethnic groups, there are groups of senior citizens. The Igbo have Ohanaeze, the Yoruba have Afenifere and there is Pan Niger Delta Online Forum, PANDEF, in the South-South. Why have not these groups gone to satisfy the President on the problem of insecurity and provide some recommendations?

I am a really senior member of PANDEF and as quickly as Mr. President came aboard, we met him at the Vacation home and we offered him a fifteen-point program that will assist cut revolt and militancy in the South South. I remained in that delegation. He mored than happy. However I can inform you as at today that none of the points we raised in the 15- point program has actually been carried out. There is a joint conference in between PANDEF, Afenifere, Middle-Belt and others. However when you see that a variety of our senior citizens are buyable, it deteriorates you. Take A Look At Kogi State. Nigerians know that for 47 months, incomes have actually not been paid due to the fact that the guv is refraining from doing well. Kogi has the very same limit with Edo and we understand that absolutely nothing is taking place there. And not too long earlier, I saw conventional rulers from Kogi at the Vacation home, talking on behalf of Bello. I shook my head. In Benin Kingdom in those days, such conventional rulers would have been shot. You can see why the majority of them are sell-outs. They represent their pockets and cash. And you can see what has actually occurred. The guv was chosen for a 2nd term in in workplace. It occurs here in Benin too. Some political leaders would happen the marketplace to project and the females will chase them away however when it was time for election, these very same females will be gathering N500 recharge cards and be choosing them. Some will be gathering N1,000 and be choosing them. If individuals of Kogi enable a male who is owing them 47 months wage to come back and rule them, then, they should not grumble


Bad governance is pressing individuals to the streets. There is a brand-new awakening, a type of transformation and individuals taking laws into their hands. Political leaders are now being bothered openly and on social networks. See what they did to Ekweremadu.

The fact is that there are a great deal of idle individuals who constantly follow the band-wagon without being notified. You discover youths in Nigeria today gathering cash to even show versus their dads and moms. We understood that Ekweremadu was among those that defended the bail of Nnamdi Kanu and for Ekweremadu to be disgraced resembles disgracing the whole Igbo country. There is no state in Nigeria today that you will not discover the Igbos. After the native individuals, the 2nd in number is the Igbo. My concerns for Igbos is that when it is time for them to go and sign up for citizens cards, they seldom do so and they seldom get their PVCs. They will pursue cash a lot that they do not care which federal government is managing them. They are independent and hard-working and barely trick individuals; if you work with them, you will not be sorry for however when it pertains to governance, they are not getting it best and there are these kids that have actually ended up being scammers. I inform you, the Igbos are the Jews of this country. This Nnamdi Kanu, its regrettable that he has actually ended up being the thorn in flesh of the Igbos in Nigeria however definitely, judgement will come soon due to the fact that you can’t offer your people for your individual advantage. Which work is he doing? Is he working? Is he lecturing or is he a chauffeur? What he is doing now is service and he is utilizing IPOB to pursue his personal interests


Just recently, the problem of war began resonating and Nigerians began discussing war. Will Nigeria endure another war?

Those who are requesting war have actually not even seen war. This nation Nigeria, by the grace of God, will not see war once again. When Sodom and Gomorrah will be ruined, when God was asked if he sees 100 great individuals, will He ruin the city, He stated no; Abraham asked of 50, God stated He would not ruin the city. At the end of the day, God might not even see a single person that might make Him not to ruin Sodom. What occurred was that 3 years to that time, there was no brand-new born kid in Sodom and Gomorrah. In Nigeria, there is no day that a minimum of, 800 brand-new children were not born and due to the fact that of them, Nigeria will be conserved.

Second of all, those who saw war will never ever wish to see war once again. The only regrettable thing is that there is no year that 90% of Nigeria universities will not tape scams. I have actually been a speaker and and a Registrar and I can inform you that the Nigerian Trainees Union has lots of scams. There is barely any Nigerian trainees union where monetary scams is not reported. If these ones are the ones we are relying on, then, there will be issues.

Nigeria is getting more divided along ethnic lines. Will Nigeria ever be one once again?

It is ending up being more apparent now under this administration due to the fact that of the uneven nature of visits. When Shehu Shagari was President of Nigeria, there was no issue, till Buhari came and ended up being President. So, what we are seeing today pertains to Buhari. When IBB came, Nigeria was not divided along ethnic lines. There was peace and unity. When Abdulsalami came, there was peace and unity. Even as awful as Abacha was, there was no department along ethnic and spiritual lines. History is even vindicating Abacha now. And when Obasanjo came, there was no department throughout tribal lines. He constructed a chapel and a mosque in the Vacation home.

Yar’ Ádua came at the time there was issue in Niger Delta and he brought peace in the location. Jonathan came and there was no issue. It was when this program came that ethnic background and piousness ended up being so broad.

Exists peace in Edo State now in between the previous guv and the existing one?

The existing guv was empowered and generated by the previous guv, Adams Oshiomhole. So, whatever they have in between them is not for any person to interfere. The guy has actually made his bed the method he wishes to push it. The common individuals in Edo understand that the previous guv supported Godwin Obaseki and he should not have actually made the issue he has with Oshiomhole a public matter. They ought to have solved it within themselves


So, have they fixed up now?

I do not understand. I do not actually understand. However I see governance is going on and we in Edo enjoy and we are seeing them and waiting for the dividends of democracy. I heard they have actually settled and I hope they have actually settled. It resembles a problem of couple. When you put your mouth excessive in their matter, the day they will settle, they will utilize you to settle. So, we take care and we are wishing them to settle


How would you recommend that the concerns of dissent worrying El Zakzaky, IPOB or banditry be settled?

The federal government must follow the guideline of law due to the fact that anything outside it is a jungle. How can you proscribe IPOB, an organisation that has not eliminated one bachelor and does not bring arms and overlook the unsafe ones and work out with them? It is not by error that we have the judiciary and the legislature. If they state that ‘A’ is totally free, he must be released. If federal government does not concur, they ought to go on appeal. However when the court releases somebody, that individual must be released. So, let the federal government obey court guidelines


Do you view an end to the issue of insecurity in Nigeria?

Part of the methods to suppress insecurity in Nigeria is to guarantee that city government councils in Nigeria are independent and get their allowances direct from the federal government. In addition, allowance to city government locations from the federal accounts ought to be increased by 10 percent.

Under Abacha, LGAs in Nigeria were independent and there were a great deal of enhancements on the financial and living requirements of our individuals. Security concerns are at the grassroots and not in the air. The councils can designate bush guards and regional vigilantes at neighborhood levels and equip them. The outlaws will have no hiding locations. Today, what can city government administrations do when guvs rest on the councils’ allowances?





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