Train derailment hold-ups Lagos-Oshogbo bound complimentary train trip


A train derailment at the exit point of the Nigerian Train Corporation (NRC), lddo Terminus, Lagos, postponed a 10.00 am Lagos- Oshogbo bound complimentary train service used by the Osun state federal government.

The hold-up was triggered by a train shunting with a Lagos-Kano bound train which was to leave lddo by 12 twelve noon on Friday.

The Lagos-Oshogbo bound complimentary train service which was to leave by 10.00 am went to shunt, “surpass”, the Lagos-Kano bound one however hindered at the same time.

Mr Christian Madza, the Lagos District Superintendent (DS) of NRC, validated the derailment, stating the corporation was on top of the scenario

.” As you can see, we are on top of it and soon the train will leave to Osogbo.

” We are striving to guarantee the repair of the line to permit the 2 trains to leave.

” The events occurred at 9: 45 am and soon they will start its journey,” he informed NAN.

According to him, there will be stops to select guests at Agege, Agbado, ljoko, kajola and Abeokuta and other locations are Erumu, Iwo, Ede and Oshogbo.

Mr Sunday Oyelowo, a Civil Servant, informed Newsmen that he was delighted that the brand-new administration in Osun continued with the gesture of complimentary train trips throughout significant events.

Oyelowo stated the train authorities had actually ensured the visitors that the hindered train would be brought back to its tracks for individuals to begin their journeys for the Easter celebration.

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Mrs Tomilola Adebayo, another tourist, informed Newsmen that the early slit derailment would not impede her journey as the NRC authorities had actually provided guarantee of repair.

” We have actually been informed that the hindered train will be brought back soon that’s why we are here and pleased to begin the journey,” she stated.

The event was arranged and the Lagos-Oshogbo bound complimentary train trip ultimately moved at about 12.35 pm on Friday.



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