UK scientist sentenced to life in jail for ‘spying’


Durham University PhD scientist Matthew Hedges has actually been sentenced to life jail time by the Federal Appeal Court of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
He appeared in court with his partner Daniela Tejada and authorities from the British Embassy on 21 November.
Hedges, 31, who was studying the Emirates ‘ post-Arab Spring security reaction for his PhD thesis, was apprehended in Might and has actually been kept in holding cell since.
He had actually been implicated of “spying for and on behalf of a foreign state “, with the claims that he had actually utilized a research study journey as “cover” to collect info for the UK federal government.
The federal court provided a declaration stating it had actually sentenced Hedges to life jail time “after being founded guilty of spying on the UAE and supplying delicate security and intelligence info to 3rd parties “.
A spokesperson for the Hedges household stated he had actually been sentenced “after a five-minute hearing in which he had no legal representation “, CNN reported.
According to the National paper in the UAE, his life sentence consists of an optimum of 25 years in prison followed by deportation.
He has a right to challenge the judgment with the State Security Department of the Federal Supreme Court within 30 days.
‘In total shock ‘.
Hedges ‘ partner has actually provided a declaration stating she remains in “total shock ” and “extremely terrified ” for her spouse.
” Matthew is innocent. The Foreign Workplace understand this and have actually made it clear to the UAE authorities that Matthew is not a spy for them, ” she stated.
” This entire case has actually been dealt with appallingly from the extremely starting without any one taking Matthew’s case seriously. The British Federal government needs to decide now for Matthew, among their people. They state that the UAE is an ally, however the extremely approximate handling of Matt’s case shows a scarily various truth, for which Matt and I are being made to pay a devastatingly high rate. “.
Tejada stated her spouse was shaking when he heard the decision.
” The UAE authorities ought to feel embarrassed for such an apparent oppression. I am extremely frightened for Matt. I do not understand where they are taking him or what will occur now. Our problem has actually gotten back at worse. “.
The UK Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, stated in a declaration: “I am deeply stunned and dissatisfied. Today’s decision is not what we anticipate from a buddy and relied on partner of the UK and runs contrary to earlier guarantees. “.
He stated he has actually raised the case at the greatest levels of the UAE federal government and consistently explained that the handling of the case by the UAE authorities “will have consequences for the relationship in between our 2 nations ” and he prompted the UAE to “reevaluate “.
According to the National, the case has actually been talked about thoroughly in between the UAE authorities and the UK federal government over the previous 5 months.
Confiscation of research study.
The court ruled that Hedges would be deported from the nation after the execution of the sentence and would be charged the expenses of the legal case.
It likewise purchased the confiscation of all of his devices, gadgets, research study and research studies.
Hedges was apprehended on 5 May at Dubai airport as he was leaving the nation. He was kept in holding cell for 5 months.
The Hedges household spokesperson stated he was required to sign a file in Arabic, despite the fact that he does not speak or check out Arabic. “It has actually now been divulged [it] was a confession declaration,” she stated, according to CNN.
In a declaration in October, the UAE federal government stated: “The chief law officer of United Arab Emirates verified … that Matthew Hedges, a British resident, has actually been charged with spying for and on behalf of a foreign state, jeopardising the military, economy and political security of the UAE.”.
At a court hearing in October, a court-appointed attorney preserved Hedges ‘ innocence, arguing that the proof offered, which were his notes from his research study, did not include anything personal, PA News reported. That hearing was delayed up until 21 November.
Prior to that hearing, his partner, Daniela Tejada, had actually prompted the UK federal government to reject that he was spying for them.
Hedges had actually been launched on 29 October, on condition of using an ankle bracelet monitoring his motions, and had actually been remaining in Dubai pending the 21 November hearing.


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