UNESCO Global Alliance for Collaborations on Media and Particulars Literacy (GAPMIL) Need Youth Ambassadors 2019


Due Date: July 22,2019

The Worldwide Alliance for Collaborations on Media and Particulars Literacy (GAPMIL) Youth Committee is needing Youth Ambassadors as part of its methods to operationalize the Youth Committee globally. The Youth Ambassadors represent the GAPMIL Youth Committee; they are champs of Media and Particulars Literacy (MIL) from all locations of the world with a needed to advance the around the world MIL program.

Youth Ambassadors act in the interest of the GAPMIL Youth Committee and coordinate activities in their locations too at the across the country and around the world level. The GAPMIL Youth Ambassadors are established according to UNESCO’s regional structure (Africa, Arab States, Asia Pacific, Europe and The United States And Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean).

The Goal.

The goal of Youth ambassador’s work is to contribute to the empowerment of youth by promoting the requirement for getting capabilities, understanding and develop frame of minds that will improve their efficiencies in MIL. This set of efficiencies is important for youths to be able to participate in decision-making treatments that will contribute to sustainable improvement in their specific locations.

The GAPMIL Youth Ambassadors will pursue this goal by collaborating and collaborating with practical partners and stakeholders in each Location to promote awareness of Media and Particulars Literacy among people particularly youth and contribute to training of youth. This may include cooperation with the series of business and entities participated in MIL, together with federal governments, regulative and self-regulatory bodies, NGOs, scholastic companies, research study and financial sector entities and others.

They also offer help to the GAPMIL Youth Committee, the GAPMIL ISC and Regional Chapters (Chapters and Sub-chapters to produce awareness of advocacy actions to all locals about Media and Particulars Literacy efficiencies).

Functions/ Regards To Recommendation.

Function as around the world champs for Media and Particulars Literacy.
Function as intermediary in between stakeholders and GAPMIL Youth Committee.

Motivate various stakeholders to take part in empowering locals (particularly youth and kids) with efficiencies linked to MIL (understanding, capabilities and frame of mind).

With the promotion of the GAPMIL Youth Committee, produce a Network of Youth Ambassadors for MIL, fan for MIL Worldwide and link both online and offline with other Youth Ambassadors to collaborate, exchange and broaden the work of GAPMIL.
Promote GAPMIL Youth Committee’s actions to various partners, such as around the world business, regional and country chapters of GAPMIL, federal governments, financial sector, NGOs, media and so on to set goals and targets for youth MIL improvement and application and tracking of MIL activities.
Go to conferences and speak on behalf of GAPMIL Youth Committee (in cooperation and coordination with GAPMIL Youth Committee).
Promote Media and Particulars Literacy on socials media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and take part in constant UNESCO efforts and jobs that are MIL associated on social networks networks, particularly MIL CLICKS.
Go to primary conferences set up by UNESCO and partners when there is a requirement. *.

* Bear in mind: GAPMIL Youth Ambassadors represent the GAPMIL Youth Committee and DO NOT represent UNESCO neither are they UNESCO Ambassadors and are not made it possible for to use UNESCO’s logo style.


Candidates need to remain in between the ages of 16–30
Candidates need to have the capability to communicate in English language.
Candidates need to be referred by a minimum of 2 people or business in order to reveal efficiency and devotion to lead an around the world treatment.
In option of members, the Option Committee included GAPMIL Youth Committee members, will support cultural and geographical representation globally, and will look for range in member’s background in concerns to NGOs, print/broadcasting unions/associations and press reporters’ associations, libraries, film and computer game business.
Membership of Youth Ambassadors need to be gender-balanced, having 50 % of female and 50% male members.
Youth Ambassadors will be picked for a set quantity of time which will be a duration of service of 2 years. This may be brought back based upon devotion and effectiveness. Evaluation will be done by job leaders.
Option Committee will select 12 Youth Ambassadors.
The Youth Ambassadors Network will be established based upon volunteers. The call for Youth Ambassadors requires to be open, transparent, and on a first-come-first-served basis, remembering the requirements discussed above.


Program a strong desire to help promote information, media and development efficiencies and produce innovative approaches of engaging youths in realisation of MIL efforts.
Be passionate about empowering of locals with understanding and capabilities to be able to seriously get in touch with information and media.
Requirements to have ability in diverse fields in media, information and library sciences, development, arts, sciences, literature, house entertainment, sport or fields of public life to be able to contribute to the achievements of GAPMIL goals.
Requirements to be competent with the goals and activities of GAPMIL and have decision to link, collaborate, exchange and broaden the work of GAPMIL.
Program an inner voice and management qualities to begin, work together and perform activities linked to improvement of media and information literacy.
Program the devotion and evaluated capability to link to locals particularly youth and kids. Ambassadors need to wish to actively promote for MIL enhancement on local and around the world level and to act.
Have the character and self-regard required to promote for MIL globally, reveal private effect in their communities in relation to MIL and capabilities for inclusive and innovative management. Ambassadors should also reveal awareness of MIL improvement and associated issues in their communities/regions and globally.
Requirements to be associated to a business or youth business like NGOs, print/broadcasting unions/ associations and press reporters’ associations, public and individual companies or similar others.
Experience in job application at regional and/or around the world level, and in running in a multicultural environment.
Have check out the MIL CLICKS PACT here https://en.unesco.org/MILCLICKS and signed to dedicate to it here https://en.unesco.org/feedback/commitment-be-mil-clicker.


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For more information, go to GAPMIL Youth Ambassadors.


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