Unique Interview Kartik Sawhney


There are over 1.3 billion individuals with impairments worldwide, myself consisted of. And like everybody else, education is definitely important for us as it is a mean to great job opportunity, and living requirements. Yet, stats reveal a worrying rate of illiteracy and joblessness in the neighborhood much even worse than the public.

Why? I have actually frequently asked myself. Absence of resources is the most typical response that I have actually obtained from others. However is this actually the case? In my view, it is rather the absence of awareness, level of sensitivity and approval continue to dominate in our society even today. I personally was rejected the chance to study engineering at the very best innovation school in my nation just since the administration might not comprehend my requirements and capabilities.

On the contrary, my present company highly thinks in the special viewpoints that individuals with varied impairments bring, which assist them establish more inclusive services and products. It is simply the mindset and state of mind that make all the distinctions in the end in my view. So the requirement of the hour is to increase variety, accept each other, worth everybody’s strength and work to offer everybody with level playing field to do their definitely best.

Kartik Sawhney is a special needs supporter and technologist finished from Stanford University. He got the Queen’s Young Leaders Award 2016 from Her Majesty The Queen. He is the very first blind trainee to pursue science education in high school in India. He co-founded Task StemAccess (now I-Stem) that supplies technical training, mentorship and hands-on chances to blind mathematics and science trainees throughout the nation.


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