United States Embassy South Africa Area College Effort Program 2019-2020( Fully-funded to the United States)


Due Date: December 11,2018

Applications are invited for the United States Embassy South Africa Area College Effort Program 2019-2020 The program tries to find to promote mutual understanding in between the locals of the United States and the locals of participating CCI countries.
The CCI Program encourages a holistic understanding and exchange experience and focuses on 5 program pillars: academics, cultural exchange, service understanding, internships, and management and action preparation.
The CCI Program provides people with a non-degree, one academic-year program at a U.S. community college established to establish people’ technical capabilities in utilized fields, improve their management capabilities, and strengthen their English language effectiveness. The program also provides possibilities for specialist internships, service understanding, and community engagement. After completing the program, people return home with enhanced capabilities to help them contribute to the monetary improvement of their countries.
Potential customers for the CCI Program are employed in the following fields:.

Applied Engineering.
Service Management/Admin.
Early Youth Education.
Infotech (IT).
Public Security.
Traveler and Hospitality Management.

Chosen potential customers will get.

J-1 visa help.
Round-trip travel from person’s home city to host company in the United States.
Tuition and mandatory college expenses.
Realty and meals.
Little allowance for books, items, and incidental expenses.
Very Little Accident and Disease security that is J-visa accredited.
A variety of private and professional improvement activities.


Prospect requirement to be a local, or long-lasting resident accredited to hold a genuine South African passport;(***************)
Is currently residing in South Africa;(***************)
Is 18 years or older by July 1, 2019;(***************)
Has really efficiently made a secondary school certificate– (Grade 12/ Matric);(***************)
Has really not complete the equivalent of 3 years towards a U.S. bachelor’s degree or higher in the field of research study the prospect is selected to pursue. Prospects without substantive post-secondary education will be offered placing issue;(***************)
Has really revealed commitment to the selected discipline through some scholastic or professional experience. The program means to figure out people with checked capabilities or interest and very little specialist experience in the fields of research study offered;(***************)
Has basic working understanding of English language as revealed by a minimum TOEFL score of400(Note: To sign up in credit-bearing courses in a scholastic discipline, the prospect requires to please the minimum language requirements of the host college– generally 500 on the TOEFL test or equivalent scores on other standardized tests. English language training will be required and is used for those who do disappoint this level of effectiveness. People with a score noted below 500 require to have an interest in taking English language classes as a primary scholastic focus; they will have actually very little access to courses in their discipline. All people will be retested upon arrival at their host companies. The host school screening outcome will be ballgame used to recognize course positionings.);(***************)
Has very little or no abroad research study experience. Prospects with no previous abroad research study or travel to the United States will be offered placing issue;(***************)
Satisfies any customized requirements of your house country Embassy/Consulate or Commission;(***************)
Sends out an overall preliminary application;(***************)
Has the capability to get a U.S. J-1 visa and please the program conditions to keep that status;(***************)
Wants and physically able (with accommodations as required) to end up the program in its totality, including activities or travel that may be set up on any day of the week, possibly including early morning or night hours;(***************)
Is devoted to returning to his/her home country after conclusion of the program and pleasing the Jvisa two-year residency requirement;(***************)
Has the capability to begin the scholastic exchange program in the United States in July2019


Download the application information and kind in PDF or MSWord Please completely taken a look at the application information and send your overall application. Applications can be sent out to[email protected]

For extra info, take a look at Area College Effort Program.