United States universities reevaluate ties with Saudi Arabia


Institution of higher learnings in the United States have actually gotten more than US$350 million from the federal government of Saudi Arabia over the past 10 years. However a few of these organizations are reassessing their ties with the federal government following the killing of Saudi reporter and author Jamal Khashoggi, reports.
Khashoggi’s death has actually resulted in global criticism of the oil-rich country. The Associated Press (AP) taken a look at United States federal records for info about the circulation of Saudi loan to American college. The news firm discovered that a minimum of US$354 million from the Saudi federal government or organisations it manages has actually gone to 37 American schools because2011
Much of the cash was supplied through an unique scholarship program. It paid tuition charges for Saudis studying in the United States. However AP scientists discovered that a minimum of US$62 million came through handle or presents from Saudi Arabia’s nationally owned business and research study centres.Full report on the VOA website.


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