University of London’s Computer Science Degree Combines Creativity and Computing

University of London’s Computer Science Degree Combines Creativity and Computing

Whether you’re just out of school or high school and want to pursue a career in Computer Science or already working in the field and want to excel your skills and career, this programme will help you get there. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of London will teach you to be a creative problem solver using cutting-edge skills like Machine Learning, Data Science, AI, Virtual Reality, and more.

Programme Director Matthew Yee-King explains how you can take a creative approach to computing with the BSc:

What is so different about this new BSc Computer Science compared to other

Computing is largely about understanding what computers are and how they work, and about using them as tools to solve problems. But at Goldsmiths, we are also about creativity and understanding and influencing society. Our work involves applying computer science to surprising areas, including computational art, virtual reality, music, digital sociology and education technology. We are looking for original and creative perspectives of what computing can be. We bring a unique hands-on project-based style of teaching. This applies to a diverse range of interests, from data scientists to artists and musicians to social scientists and journalists.

We have developed ways to deliver this through highly interactive online courses (MOOCs) that have been taken by many thousands of students on Coursera. Being able to take this to the next level and provide a full undergraduate course is thrilling to us.

Project work sounds exciting! What might students be able to work on?

You carry out several projects during the degree, including a group project and a final major project. You select the subjects for this yourself. Recent on-campus student projects include a DJ training system that uses machine learning to automatically rate scratching ability; a simulated mycelium to design fabric; a video sequence generator using deep neural networks; an automated graffiti generator using artificial intelligence, and so on. For us, the critical factor in the study of creative subjects is learning by making and experimenting. Computers are incredible tools and the best way to learn about them is to make things with them.

For anyone considering an online Computer Science degree, what should they know about the experience?

We aim to make studying computer science as accessible, engaging, creative and enjoyable as possible. The early stages of the degree cover all the basics of computer science, such as maths and programming. The later stages of the degree cover a range of cutting-edge, highly employable subject areas such as data science, machine learning and virtual reality. You will complete the degree with a solid grounding in Computer Science and a set of cutting-edge applied skills.

Do you need a background in IT, Computer Science, etc. to study this programme, or
can you begin from scratch?

Our flexible new Computer Science degree can serve a range of backgrounds. So even if you have little mathematics or computing experience, you can enter at the start and we will teach you the mathematics, programming and theory that you need. If you do not quite meet our standard entry requirements, we offer what we call a ‘performance-based’ admissions route, which begins with two of the degree modules standalone MOOCs on Coursera, if successful the student can then progress onto the degree.

On campus, there’s a lot that happens in the hallways or on a whiteboard. How do
you create those spaces and interactions online?

The module leaders are developing a range of highly interactive learning activities for students to work with peers in formal and informal settings. We’re confident that as a student on this degree, you’ll be able to develop meaningful social relationships with each other through these activities. You may also have the option of studying at a local teaching institution, where you find a more traditional, on-campus experience. Transforming our style into a full degree course delivered with Coursera is thrilling to us!

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