Urban Advancement Barrier: Citypreneurs Seoul 2019 (Funding provided)


Due Date: July 31,2019

Applications are open for the Urban Advancement Barrier: Citypreneurs Seoul 2019 The Urban Advancement Barrier, similarly described as “Citypreneurs” is a young SDGs start-up rivals in Seoul for prospective entrepreneur from around the world considering repairing city issues in Seoul and achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Objectives (SDGs).

People will try to find amongst the 2 distinct tracks: the Seed Track and the Advancement track. The Seed Track is developed for early-stage start-ups looking for acknowledgment of their undertakings. These start-ups have much more flexibility to focus on city issues especially acknowledged by partnering Seoul City companies. Start-ups of 3 or more years and market-tested designs will participate and pitch on the Advancement Track.

Barrier Design.

All chose Citypreneur groups will fall under amongst the following 3 designs:.

Healthy & Inclusive Ageing: Improve health and health for all, at all ages, and empower older people to be economically and socially included in their city.

Developing Capabilities: Update capabilities and promote lasting understanding for jobs of the future for everyone.

Green Use & Production: Adjustment the approach we make, purchase and eliminate to protect our world.


For the top 30 finalists.

( Seed Track) Service style mentoring & pitch centers.
Irreparable membership with Citypreneurs, right to use primary Citypreneurs branding.
Networking possibilities with global finalists.
Travel help for groups stemming from beyond Seoul.
Tech transfer possibilities.
Joint job possibilities with larger organisation.
Low-interest lending rights from the Citypreneurs Area Fund (300 K USD).
Welcome to UN Conferences and Events.

For the Winners.


Monetary financial investment possibilities from a pool of interested loan (50 M+ USD).
Awards from UN and Seoul City Officials.
Individual Presentation Day with investors.
Result evaluation matrix improvement help.

SEED TRACK (3 Groups).

Go-to-market consulting.
Total award loan of 22 M KRW.


Pilot and R&D possibilities with cities, including Seoul.
Welcome to worldwide, high-level panels.
Service introduction at Mayoral conferences and/or UN Conferences.


Citypreneurs acknowledges that start-ups may be at many stages of improvement, and for that reason utilizes a double track system:.

Seed Track: Developed for early-stage start-ups still handling their design improvement with flexibility to focus on city issues especially acknowledged by partner companies.

Developed in 2016 or after.
Under Series A round monetary investment.
MVP (Minimum Practical Product) ready.

Advancement Track: Developed for start-ups that have 3 or more years of experience with market-tested designs and are intending to scale up.

Developed in 2015 or prior to.
Series A round monetary investment and over.
Product confirmed in the market.


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For extra details, have a look at Urban Advancement Barrier.