Vice-chancellors desire BARREL on universities ditched


The Ugandan federal government needs to excuse universities and other organizations of gaining from paying some taxes to allow them to provide on their required much better, university leaders have actually stated, composes Ritah Kemigisa for the.
Daily Display.
Reverend Canon John Senyonyi, the vice-chancellor of Uganda Christian University (UCU) and chairperson of the Uganda Vice Chancellors ‘ Online forum, stated last month that his online forum has actually composed to the nation’s leader President Yoweri Museveni requesting for a conference to discuss this and other matters. He singled out the worth included tax (BARREL) on materials, which he stated makes building and advancement operate in universities really costly. “This tax and others require to be entirely waived or lowered substantially considering that federal government is worried about advancement. Today, if I am to install any structure at the university, it is really costly, ” he stated.
He made the remarks at the launch of the UCU Professors of Journalism, Media and Interaction at the university’s school in Kampala. Senyonyi stated that in the conference university leaders intend to have with the president, they will re-outline their advancement goals and concerns, and discuss the difficulties they face.Full report on the Daily Display website.


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