Video: Of Nigerian youths and the trend for BBNaija auditioning


By Anthony Ogbonna.

” This level of crowd at the #BBNaija auditioning highlights the predicament of the Nigerian youths. The battle, the unpredictability of the future is on another level.” Such is among the talk about social networks in response to the enormous crowd of Nigerian youths who ended up for the truth tv program, Huge Bro Nigeria, BBNaija.

Nigerian youths end up for BBNaija auditioning. (Image source: Twitter).

February 16, chance to make boundless declaration about Biafra liberty– IPOB.

The auditions for the much expected truth tv program, began today, Friday, February 1, in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Calabar, Warri and Enugu states, as exposed by the TELEVISION program.

Reports on twitter have actually declared that in some auditioning centres, as numerous as over 50,000 Nigerian youths showed up for the auditioning, resulting in rush hour.

Other reports declare a youth dropped at the place since of suffocation from the crowed.

However why the trend for BBNaija?

The response is not far brought.

Preventing the temptation to explore going over the joblessness rate in the nation, along with the current countless task losses, nevertheless, the continuous university strike action in the nation is not a factor inapplicable with the big crowed at the auditioning.

More so, the discovery made In a current interview, by the Chief Consumer Officer of MultiChoice Nigeria, Martin Mabutho, states all of it. He had actually exposed in the interview that the cash prize for the fourth edition of the program will be above N45 million, which is way larger than what previous winners went house with. And Nigerian youths can’t keep their eyes off that reward! For this reason, the craze.

According to him, “I’m not on the choice panel however for this year, the mix of various people will identify the last number that will enter into your house.”.

” I can put it in this manner– I can’t state about the cash prize however the overall worth of the grand reward will surpass N45 m.”.

In in 2015’s edition, tagged, Double Wahala, it was Nigeria’s flyboy, Wonder, who smiled house as the winner.

This year’s winner is truly going to be harder in coming to, owing to the big crowed that has actually made itself offered for the program.

On the other hand, an assemblage of video and image tweets from Nigerians supplies a much better understanding of the topic.

See crowd … #BBNaija #BBNaija2019 Auditions #BBNaijaAuditions zBs7.
— Topson (@Slim_tee7) 1 February2019

” @realDreyPR: Can you picture what’s going on at the #BBNaija audition today?People passing out all since of audition. A participant approximated the crowd at place to be over 50,000 #GIDITRAFFIC @Gidi_Traffic
— GIDITRAFFIC (@Gidi_Traffic) 1 February2019

What rubbish is this biko. #BBNaija
— Ikenna Ogbenta (@Ikenna_Ogbenta) 1 February2019

Am bringing you Live updates on #BBNaija as it is taking place.
You go worry. #FeBuhari #HappyFeBuhari #BuhariMustGo #BetterNigeria.
The hustle is genuine #BBNaija
— Tosin Olugbenga (@TosinOlugbenga) 1 February2019

#BBNaija when you see these enormous crowd at auditions then we ought to understand that the youths are trying to find any practical ways to get away the hardship that challenges them on the streets.

If just Nigerians will end up like they ended up for #BBNaija auditions for the General elections in 15 days– #BBNaija( @TWEETORACLE) 1 February2019

:// HHmtdD6dGM” >
— Irieguna Benjamin (@IriegunaB) 1 February2019

I hope the youths of my dear nation can come out like this 2 vote, if just we did come out like this enmass to get our PVC how great would it have actually been 4 our dear nation however no! we focus 95% of our energy on things without any significance … What’s #BBNaija going 2 contribute to our economy yrl.
— Paul Speaks (@_PaulSpeaks) 1 February2019